Your Best Guide to Press Release

A press release is a written statement by a company that claims that it has performed some worthwhile actions. It is shared with the journalist and news houses so that proper articles may be written about a company’s achievement. If your company has done something which needs to be heard by the world, write a press release and then hire an excellent press release distribution service to get the release delivered to the right journalists.

In this era of technology and mobiles where everything goes viral just with a click of the ‘share’ button on social media, the press releases are still essential and considered crucial if someone wants to announce a significant event or a noticeable action officially. That is why you should know how to write, deliver, and present a formal news release.  

Here are a few reasons why press releases are still relevant:

1.     They gather attention and spread awareness:-

If you want to increase the brand awareness of your brand, the best way to do so is via press releases. Because media houses and news reporters have a huge following and a massive reach, which can become your company’s if you use a press release to your disposal.

2.     They build strong relationships:-

Press releases are beneficial for both parties (but more for the sending party). This is because the journalists are always searching for stories, and you can provide them with those stories. This sending and receiving press release can contribute towards the start of a professional relationship between your company and the news reporters. It is also a great way to increase your brand awareness among media industries.

3.     They make your brand image better:

If you have written a proper press release and then hired the best press release distribution service to deliver it, you can be sure that your brand will be in the news, and its image will be better than ever. You will also be able to control how the audience views your brand because a press release can help you shape your audience’s minds in a way that you want.

How to write a proper Press Release?
Now that you know how a press release is beneficial for your brand, you need to know how to write a good one.

  • A Catchy Headline: the title is the first thing that everyone notices, and if that isn’t interesting enough, no one will read it further. Create a title that shouts that your release is worth people’s time.
  • Location: add the location of where you are and from where the news is.
  • Your Press Release lead: in this part, you will explain why your press release is worthy –but only in one sentence.
  • Press Release body: in this part, you need to provide all the details and information regarding what your press is about. It should be written in easy language with proper structure.
  • The Boilerplate: finally, you will describe your company here briefly and also give all the information about it
  • Contact details of Press Coordinator: here, you need to add the contact info and name of the media coordinator (the one who gets in touch with the reporter for further information).

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