Say congratulations with a bunch of flowers

It happens often enough that you have to think of a gift to congratulate someone. For example, when it’s someone’s birthday or when someone is doing a promotion, it’s appropriate to give someone a little something to congratulate him or her. It is said that attention is the best gift you can give someone. A bouquet of flowers is also always appreciated. Can’t attend the occasion? A bouquet of flowers can often also be sent. This way you can still make the person you want to congratulate happy with a bouquet of flowers. The right bouquet of flowers brings the right emotion. Think carefully about the bouquet and the recipient will see the attention you have paid to the bouquet in the bouquet. With a bouquet of flowers you give someone attention and a beautiful bouquet.

What do you write on the birthday card?

A card comes with a bouquet of flowers. Every bouquet of flowers comes with a card with a wish or a congratulation for the recipient. Thanks to a card it is immediately clear what the reason for the beautiful bouquet of flowers is. Thinking about what to put on the card is also a challenge. Just “congratulations” is boring and impersonal. The best thing is to put something personal on the card. Do you have a nice inside joke you can refer to? This is always good to put a smile on someone’s face. A personal story also shows that you have thought about the text and it also immediately makes it clear that it is intended for the recipient. Don’t have any inspiration at the moment? The most commonly used text for a card with a bouquet of flowers is: ‘Happy birthday’. It gets the message across, but isn’t very creative or personal. Try adding something personal to this message and you’re done!

Give your congratulation more power with a little something

Do you want to give something more than a bouquet of flowers with a card? You can always add a little something extra. A bouquet of flowers is often combined with, for example, a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. Are you congratulating someone on a new home? Then there is a good chance that he or she does not have a vase at home yet. It is then a good idea to give a vase with the bouquet. This way you can be sure that both the bouquet of flowers and the vase are immediately put into use.

Congratulate your grandparents with flowers

It is also possible to congratulate grandparents with a beautiful bunch of flowers. To help you on your way, we have put together the most beautiful texts for you. This way you can turn your birthday flowers into a special gift. Did you know that birthday flowers in Danish are called ‘’blomster mors dag’’ and ‘’fødselsdags blomster’’? Birthday flowers are popular in every country in the EU. 

Where do you buy congratulation flowers?

So the best way to say “congratulations” to someone is with attention and a bouquet of flowers. A good place to get a congratulatory bouquet is the Regio Bloemist. They are happy to help you congratulate someone. Who do you say ‘congratulations’ to?

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