Subtle Ways to Attract the Best Employees

Human resource is the best asset any business could have. With this, it’s important that the management exert effort in attracting the brightest minds. The rest of this post will briefly explore some of the subtle ways by which it will be possible to attract the best employees, making sure that they choose to work in your organization and not to your competitors.


Create a Secured Reception

When walking in for an interview, the reception area is the first thing that potential employees would see. Therefore, it should be designed in such a way that it will create a favorable first impression. There are many ways to do this, such as through incorporating art. Another good way to do this is to use Greetly, a reception management software. Applicants can log-in on their own, their photo will be captured, and the interviewee will be notified that they are already at the reception.

Aside from streamlining the process of receiving visitors and applicants, Greetly and other similar programs can also be effective in promoting safety in the workplace.


Provide a Game Room

Another good way to attract the best employees is to have a game room in the office. In your website or social media pages, highlight the fact that you have a game room so that the applicants will know. According to psychologists, gaming in the office can provide benefits beyond fun. It’s going to provide stress relief and will lessen boredom. It also helps develop competitiveness in a good way. To add, it can help strategic thinking and will also encourage employees to become more productive.


Attend Events

If you are a boss or a human resource personnel, it will also be good to find time to attend different types of events, which will provide networking opportunities. For instance, in conferences, you will not only have the chance to learn something new, but you can also mingle with other people, including those who might be looking for a new job. You can instantly gauge the skills of other people. Be brave enough to offer that person a job opportunity. Do not be afraid to reach out to the person who you think will be valuable to your organization.


Stalk the Candidates

This may sound creepy at first, but this actually makes sense as it’s a good form of background checking. This is especially important for key positions. A lot of recruiters are using social media to evaluate potential candidates. In fact, in one article from Mashable, it has been noted that 55% of recruiters reconsider applicants after seeing their social media profiles. There are also companies that you can hire to perform a thorough background checking before you make a hiring decision.

The success of an organization will be highly dependent on its people. Therefore, whether you are a new or established business, you have to keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above to help you attract top talent in your organization.

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