How to Combine Social Media and Offline Promotion for Small Startup Business

Online promotion is very popular nowadays that people start to neglect the importance of offline advertising. This is mostly happen to online business owners. Because they open their business online, they think that online promotion is the only thing they will need. It also majorly happens to startup business owners who need cheap promotions. Yes, online promotion is much cheaper, however, unfortunately marketing doesn’t work that simple. To build a successful business, you need to combine online and offline promotions. To help you plan your marketing strategy, here are three great ways to do affordable online and offline promotion techniques.

Build Strong Social Media Presence

Social media promotion is the simplest thing you can do to promote your product online. It is easy to make Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. However, building a strong social media presence is hard.

To make sure many people notice your product, you must increase your exposure, and it is not something you can do alone. First of all, you need to post attractive pictures of your products in your Instagram account. Don’t forget to connect it to other platforms. After that, collaborate with more influential people in social media and ask for their help to promote their products. Of course you need to give them something in return. Giving free products or discounts for two or three purchases will be a nice token of appreciation.

You must update your page frequently. No matter how amazing your posts are, if you only post once a month, nobody will want to follow you. Make sure you have a good branding. Most of the time, it is not about selling the product, but selling the lifestyle that make people will need the product. That’s where a good branding will play big role.

Last but not least, don’t forget to build a presentable website. No matter how much social media you have, website will make your store looks more trustworthy.

Give Free Promotional Products

Just because you sell your products online, it doesn’t mean that you cannot utilize offline advertising. In fact, advertise your product offline is just as important as online. Remember, it is not a one night job to create a strong social media presence. Therefore, you need to complement it by promoting your products online. And the best way to do it is by giving free promotional product.

Give away tote bags, mugs, T-shirts, umbrella or even pins with your product logo on it. Don’t forget to put your website and social media account there. Use those freebies as a functional name card. People always love free stuff and they will love it more when it’s functional. When they use your promotional products in the street, it will be a free marketing tool for you.

Promoting your product offline will become more important when you open a culinary business. Most culinary business is local based. So, it will be very beneficial if many people in your area can actually see that your brand exists through your promotional product.

Avoid Paid Advertisements in the Early Business Period

If you have a startup business, it will be very wise to hold back from using paid advertisement. Yes, of course it can increase your exposure greatly. But, exposure is not the only thing you need. You also need reputation. That is something you lack of when you just start your business. And without proper reputation, customers will feel reluctant to purchase your product even though you advertise your products with exorbitant costs.

Be patient and use free marketing strategy in your early business period. When you have many customer testimonials and managed to build your reputation, you will be free to move as you like.

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