The New Comers of Android Application Games in 2016

Chatting and browser applications are must-downloaded application in smartphone, especially Android. But, there is another one. Yes, it’s gaming application. We can say that smartphone can’t be separated from gaming application. It’s a way to relieve your stress or just have fun between your spare times. So, if you want to update your application, here is the list of new android games 2016. Check it out!


Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is a new release endless runner game on Android similar with Temple Run or Subway Surfers. The character, Alto, will have an endless snowboarding run on the beautiful snowed landscape while collecting coins to achieve the goals.

Collecting points. Points can be collected through several tricks including backflips, jumping on campfires or rocks, grinding on rooftops or flag lines, and others.
Fun and tricky 60 levels with different challenges.
More characters with unique abilities. Every 10 levels up, you can unlock new 6 mountain-dwellers, including Maya, Paz, Izel, Felipe, and Tupa with their own unique abilities. For example is Maya, she is the most favorite character since she can flip faster than others especially in doing long runs and scoring great combos. Yet, she has trouble with building speed and chasms.
Challenging obstructions. The endless snowboarding route isn’t always smooth. Sometimes, you have to look out for chasms from the easy until the scariest one. There is also a sleeping elder. If you wake him up, he fell you down with a whack of riding stick.
Changing time, weather, and scenery. This is other charm of Alto game. If you feel too dark to flip, make sure too increase your screen brightness.
Workshop. You buy several items such as magnet timer, hover timer, wingsuit and others.


Color Switch

If you have played Flappy Bird game, Color Switch has the same nuance where you will feel fun, challenging, and frustrating at the same time. The game is simply tapping the color ball upwards to pass the obstructions made up from colors. The ball can pass when it bounces on the same color as obstructions.

Moving obstructions. The game is more challenging because the obstruction colors are moving and sometimes changing direction. Once the ball passes the obstruction, the ball color is changed and quickly faces another obstruction.
Score as high as possible. The goal is to get a top score. Since there is no time limit, you can take your time to tap the ball until you find the right way to pass through the obstructions.
More new modes of caves, color swap, color fly, races, and reserve challenges.



Downwell is a fast-paced vertical game where the character (young boy) fell down into a well to find the hidden treasures.

Three basic controls: left, right, and jump. The movements are navigated to avoid traps and enemies while down a well. Two arrow keys at the bottom of the screen are to navigating left/right movement in the midair. Simply tap will make the character to jump.
Gun boots. Tapping twice on the jump button will make the character to shot gun boots fire downwards. Used for attacking enemies, maneuvering on air, and destroying blocks. Gun boots are also functioned as a lifeline.
Red gems. Once you get to the bottom, you will win after collecting the red gems that scattered on the rocks.
Unpredictable traps and enemies in every level up. You can also uncover the hidden caves that filled with relics and riches.
Items shop. You can buy some helpful items.


So, have you downloaded these new android games 2016? Go to your Playstore, install, and have fun!

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