LG Lucky L-16G and LG Sunrise L-15G as the Cheap Smartphone with SnapDragon

Are you looking for the cheap smartphone with the good feature and specs? You can look at the cheap products of smartphone from LG which are offered in a very cheap price. When we are talking about the cheap price smartphone, we often think about the smartphone which is in the range of about $100. That is the common price for the cheap smartphone. However, LG can offer the two new products of android smartphones which are less than that price. They are called as LG Lucky L-16G and also LG Sunrise L-15G. Those smartphones are offered in the early price of about $60. That is a cheap price but they also offer the great discount which enables the people to be able getting it back to home only for $10. That sounds impossible but that is what we can obtain. The offer is given to the retail company of Walmart in US. People can get those cheap mobile phones without any contract as like what is often applied when people are buying such the cheap smartphones. There is no contract which needs to deal with but the smartphones are locked by the local operator, which is Tracfone.

Notable Specs and Feature


Even though LG Lucky L-16G and also LG Sunrise L-15G are really that cheap and sounds so impossible having such that price, the specs are not that really worse even though perhaps many people often think that those cheap LG mobile phones will have the minimalist specs. Both of them are using the LCD panel with the resolution of about 480×320 pixels. Then, for the brain of those smartphones, they use Qualcomm Snapdragon-200 Quad-Core processor in 1.2GHz. Then, for the internal memory storage, it is about 4GB. Those are not that really worse right? Even though people can easily get the smartphones in such the low price, the specs are not that disappointing for such that price.

The Other Features

Besides the features above which can be the essential specs of those smartphones, there are also some other standard features which we also can find from the smartphones. That is including the use of Android operating system in 4.4. The beautiful user interface also becomes the factor why this cheap smartphone becomes really impressive. This smartphones also offer the primary camera in 3 MP. The battery which is used is the 1540mAh battery. You also can find the MicroSD slot to expand the storage memory of the phone. Those specs and features are not that disappointing, right?

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