Apartments Design And Renovation: How To Raise And Promote On Instagram

Niche repair and design of apartments on Instagram is becoming more and more popular, as the owners of this serious male business, feeling the competition, are beginning to actively promote their business in search of new customers. Some of them turn to agencies and get quality promotion, others try to experiment on their own. This article is for representatives of both parties.


Bulletin Board

To begin, I will say before going on Instagram with a niche of repairs, it is imperative that you master traffic from the bulletin boards.

Construction niche is an ideal niche for advertising bulletin board format.

In addition to the standard, there are a large number of industry bulletin boards, integrator sites, etc.

Contextual Advertising + Instagram

Configure contextual advertising (Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct) on your site to provide services. Collect traffic and get bids.

You also install a Facebook pixel on the site, with the help of which you gather the entire audience to set up retargeting and look-a-like.

Customize retargeting (targeting an audience that has already visited your site) to an audience from the context, meeting your potential customers on Instagram with your suggestions. This approach allows boosting customers who, for any reason, did not reach the deal initially, besides by looking-a-like setting, look for an audience similar to your real customers.

A bunch of contextual advertising + retargeting on Instagram is the most powerful tool you could think of in shaping traffic for this niche.

Instagram followers and likes by target audience

With the help of automated software, you make subscriptions and likes by real Instagram followers of competitors, then you start subscribing to an audience of related accounts. If you are engaged in repair, then niches of designers, interior artists for you will be adjacent.

Think about what other contiguous niches might be? (There are a lot of them in this area).

“Promote” button

If the account is good traffic, then advertising through the automatic setting of the audience through the Promote button in the Instagram application, should give an increase in the coverage and increase in subscribers.

Put on the promotion of those posts that are held in the top of your statistics.

To do this, go to the Statistics / Content / Posts section and see which of your recent posts are held in TOP, just put them on promotion.


The trouble of many accounts in this area is not enough high-quality photos. Objects are photographed “as horrible” at the last moment.

We must not forget that Instagram is first of all a visual, therefore high-quality photos are a priority.

If you do not get high-quality photos yourself, then order photographers.

Show objects Before / After

Give free advice to subscribers for repair / design

Make a question answer heading

Dilute with entertainment content

Show in Stories, on air and in posts the process of work (only without guest workers)

Remember that the promotion of such a niche as Repair / Design of apartments in Instagram is slow and laborious work. You can also order promotion from us, leave the contact details below.

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