Sony XPeria M4 Aqua Review

Sony as a big mobile phone company is well known by the consistency, especially for the consistent design that is crossing all the price points and the waterproofing. This ethos is becoming the drive of the new Sony XPeria M4 Aqua. This is an attractive mid range android phone that can be drunk into the water without any issues. That is why; “aqua” is becoming part of the name of this phone.

This Sony XPeria M4 Aqua is featured by the 5 inch HD Display, 13 megapixel camera to support your need of photography, an octa core processor and the support of 4G Connection. Sony is claiming that this new mobile phone represents the renewed mid range focus and it has no compromises on it. Besides that, this new smart phone is also slimmer than the other version, so it can be brought everywhere practically. There are still the other information about this Sony XPeria M4 Aqua that is will be described on the information below.

Sony XPeria M4 Aqua Design

The Sony XPeria M4 Aqua has the omnibalance design as a characteristic of recent Sony Smartphone. It looks quite similar to the Sony Xperia Z3+. It is rounded, glossy and slim with only 7.33mm. It makes that this phone is slimmer than the other mobile phone such as the Harrier and Honor 6. The Sony XPeria M4 Aqua is also lightweight because it only has 136gr of the weight. This new smartphone is felt sturdy. It has the glass covered in the front and back side of the phone.

Sony XPeria M4 Aqua design

The corners of this new phone are nylonize to avoid this phone from the falls. This is becoming the other pro that is loved by the Sony Smartphone customers. This feature is also different with the Z3+ version that is not had the nylonized corner and it can be cracked after it is fallen from the two feet height.

Sony XPeria M4 Aqua Screen

Sony XPeria M4 Aqua has the 5 inch display screen. With this size of the screen, you can reach the top of the screen easily. Besides that, this new smartphone is also supported by the 4G connectivity, so you can handle the streaming with the 1080p content easily. The other positive thing about this new phone is that the screen is looked clear and sharp enough despite the lacklustre resolution. The Sony XPeria M4 Aqua is having the great viewing angles and the vibrantly and accurately display colors. Besides that, this phone is also perfect for your outdoor activity because the screen is bright enough to be seen outdoor or even in the sunny days. This will give the more conveniences for the users.

Sony XPeria M4 Aqua Price

How about the price? This Sony XPeria M4 Aqua is offered in the market with the price of 229 pound sterling on Pay As You Go. You can also pay for 15,50 per month for 24 month long with no upfront fee. This price is available on contracts on variable carrier.

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