How to sell your car?

Selling you car seems to be an easy task. Most of us think that we only need to contact a buying party and off we go with the money.

Selling a car is a complex process. Every buyer and every seller has to go through it. car and its ownership means you have to do some paper work, you cannot sell your car above or below the standard amount. Every car has its own value.

Second hand cars have got a lower price range than the first hand cars. You ill have to follow the rules and regulations chalked out by the government and of course it would take some days.

Similarly, you will have to land on the perfect and most affordable offer. For this purpose you will have to contact a lot of people, agents or buyer agencies. You must be much occupied with the routine until you get a potential buyer. You can got to different sites for sell any car and sell my car Dubai.

Moreover, you have got some exclusive options for earning profit if you are a bit smarter. You must sell your car to some foreigner if you are quite confident about the condition and quality of your car.

In this article I have tried to sum up some very pivotal tips which are to be followed in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

  1. Get the paperwork done

Now you will have to get a label for your car also known as pink slip. You can’ot sign it till you get a potential client. This is as an ownership record.

Next you must get a set of information about the documentation of the car. Make sure that you have payed all the taxes due by your state or government.

Lastly, you will have to order a history report for your vehicle. This is essential if you have bought a second hand car. You can call the seller and ask for that he might have that, if not then get a lawyer and visit the seller and create a document depending upon his claims.

  • Settle the loans

If you have borrowed some money for buying your car and its loan is still yet to pay, you have to consult the lender about the selling process. Both you and the money lender can decide a price.

  • Setting a price

Next, estimate the price for your produce. You can ask some mechanics about the real price. Secondly you can compare your estimated price with other cars which are on sale near you.

This can be best done if you take your car to a car seller, he can guide you and tell you what must be the price of your car.

  • Visit more than three vendors

You are supposed to visit a lot of people. Not for selling your car but just for finding out the exact and acceptable price. Those vendors will tell you what can be the best estimate. You can settle for an average price by keeping in view the told prices. This will be a sort of survey.

If you are a serious seller than this option will help you gain some profit, you will not regret later. If you can’t afford spending this much time then you must be selling it to the immediate buyers.

  • Gleam up your car

For this purpose you will have to visit a very reliable mechanic or car service center. You ought not to fix every single dent or scratch on your car rather you will just clean it up, wash the dust off and would use some vacuum cleaners.

The only purpose would be to fix some damaged part which is crucial for the car’s performance. Ask the mechanic to check the engines, batteries, a.c and heaters.

Make sure that the outlook is not dirty or you would be losing the clients especially if they are from the same area. Never ever hesitate to tell about the issues in your car, this will boost up the confidence of your client. 

  • Giving cues

Lastly, you will have to ask the buyer about the condition of the car. You can give him cues, like is not it fab?  Or how about a ride? If you really trust your product. A test drive would clear the clouds of doubts and almost your car would be sold out if the buyer would be able to pay the price.

Same goes for online selling. You must add some interesting, catchy and intriguing tag lines. This will attract the customer. Write an authentic and eye catching content for your car. You will have to write a very detailed product description, in this case your product is your car. Make sure that you have to mention every aspect to satisfy every kind of buyer.

For instance if you will keep in view the audiences you must mention the color and the style of the car to attract those who would only see the colors. On the other hand you will also mention some technical details if you will keep in view some technician or meticulous buyers. In this way there would be a high chance of getting the customers.

  • Dealing

Make a deal, make sure that your buyer has agreed to the terms and conditions. The mode of payment must not be ignored. If your client is going to pay you through check get a payment before handing over the car. Never ever fall for tricks claiming to pay you later.

Once you have decided a deal, do not retreat. Your retreat will make the buyer a game changer. He would try to convince you for some other deals as well. This will also snatch your trust and the buyers’ confidence.

Lastly, never forget to get the agreement signed with the date of ownership and price etc. this must be done under the super vision of a lawyer or some government official if your government is a strict one.

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