Travelling with Kids

Travelling is dreaming it is letting the imagination fly and nothing like a child for that. Some people think that travelling with children (beyond the beach and a hotel with all kinds of activities to keep them entertained) is the closest thing to torture because the children will not appreciate the destiny, nor will they take advantage of the money invested.

Have you wasted time and money? However, it is the best money invested. Travelling with children can be quite an experience, an adventure more fabulous than we might expect. Visiting with children is discovering destinations twice first through our adult eyes and then through their childish gaze, more curious and innocent, and certainly more flexible than ours.

A trip is a discovery for children and an opportunity for parents to accompany them in their personal growth, sharing the experience with them hand in hand, helping them, encouraging them, answering their questions. Why wait until they are older and fly by themselves so that they live far away from us? Why miss that beautiful ride? It does not matter if the trip is here next, or on the other side of the world. The important thing is to open your eyes to new experiences. The essence is to travel together new paths, enjoying that childish authenticity.

Some advantages of travelling with children that you cannot miss

If you are one of those who still doubt and want to know how to survive a trip with children, here are a few advantages to finish convincing you:

The contact with other cultures and different forms of life. 

It is a way to develop empathy and tolerance. The discovery of cultures alien to ours, of other races, ways of dressing, types of home and transport is to open their world, helping them to become more tolerant adults thanks to cultural trips.

Travel at another pace, at your own pace. 

Because children require another rhythm of travel, more relaxed, they need their rest times, and a few hours of adequate sleep, especially when they are consuming so much energy. They need to make more stops or spend more time in a place because anything will stop them awakening their curiosity, it will allow adults to enjoy their destiny more intensely. It is not a matter of doing many things in the shortest time possible, but to squeeze the moments to the fullest, and the children of the house know a lot about it.

Greater flexibility.

Breaking with routines for a while is suitable for children. Get used to sleeping in different beds, try other foods and drinks.

We often overprotect those changes in routine to children, when the good thing is that they lose that fear to get out of the routine from very small. The routine is good, but the fear of change is not. And travelling means changing places, changing everything known for novelties, neither worse nor better, just different. Play other games and learn to live without television or computer, just to spend more time with people, and especially with siblings and parents.

Continuous learning

Without a doubt, a trip can be the best summer school. Beginning with languages, travelling is the best way to accustom the ear to other languages, helps to lose fears and embarrassments, and to practice what they learn in a boring lesson at school. It is also a great lesson in geography and history, perhaps the best. We already know that photographic memory is important and that with experience you learn better. Travelling one associate’s places, stories and anecdotes of the moment lived, all in one, something hard to forget for life. And sometimes we will even learn more thanks to them, the children have no shame, and they will lose the shame of talking to strangers more quickly than we do, and they will launch their direct and authentic questions, giving us the knowledge of secrets and above all a different point of view.It is also worth knowing that travelling will most time require that you lodge in a hotel or any other desired form of accommodation house. In such situations, making your hotel bookings with will be your very best option. Here are just some of the great destination to travel with kids: Myrtle Beach, Milwaukee, Anaheim and Lake Buena Vista, they all have great attractions to travel with your little ones.

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