Why do we need mobile advertising platforms?

It is a common deal that after publishing the app a developer may start thinking about getting some money from it. Making a paid app is not so good idea if you are not a well-known game company and haven’t earned a reputation yet. There is a way out – to publish ads there and in this article we tell how to do it the most effectively.

Why do we need mobile advertising platforms?

Developers and website owners are not unique in their thoughts to get some money from their masterpiece. Direct advertising is quite difficult and time consuming and one day a solution was offered.

Advertising platform is a place where companies (brands) who want to sell and those who are ready to publish their ads meet. Former participants are Advertisers, latter ones are called Publishers.

When we talk about mobile platforms, it means that the ads will be posted in the apps, mobile websites – whatever that collects mobile traffic mediapulsertb.com

The number of mobile devices is several times bigger than desktop ones and companies have a unique opportunity to “talk” to each potential customer individually. It would be perfectly unwise to skip such huge audience.

What can one get from mobile platform?

  • Saving of time and money. There is no need to search advertisers all over the Internet. Of course, there will be taken some commission, but you have your time remaining for really important things.
  • Variety of publishers and advertisers all over the world. It makes no difference where your manufacture is located now, as Internet can help you to tell about your products wherever you need.
  • Choice where you want your ads to be posted or, for publishers, who can use your playground as means for advertising. Of course, both publishers and advertisers want to have the ads and the place of its posting to have something in common. It is simply to block and ask for somebody else if there is something wrong.
  • Various formats of payment models. Some publishers are interested in displays and will pay for thousand of impressions (CPM), while others are more interested in installations (CPI) or conversions (CPC) – everyone will find something to his taste.
  • Variety of inventory to sell. Generally platforms offer remnant inventory (that one that the Publisher has remaining), but Advertisers can find primary inventory as well, but at higher prices.
  • The same as traditional platform, a mobile platform one can offer different ads formats depending on Advertiser’s goals. Nowadays native ads are of great popularity.

What platform to choose?

Actually, no one knows correct answer. Trying Google platform is a good variant, however there are many options from other companies. When we talk about advertisers, a lot depends of the campaign goals and purposes. Publishers may try the same resource used by colleagues from the niche.

It is a good news that joining one platform you are not prohibited use others. You may easily cooperate with several items to earn more and find which platform is the best personally for you. f

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