What Is an SEO Strategy and Does Your Company Need One?

There are so many buzz words as of late when it comes to websites. While some may not necessarily be ones that you need to know about, SEO tools, campaigns, and strategies should be high on the list of priorities. Whether you own a small or medium sized business that has a website, there is a good chance you’ve wondered about whether an SEO strategy is necessary. What does it even mean? How do you build this strategy and what are the benefits for your company?

Here we will break down all the basics of what exactly an SEO strategy is, so that you can better determine your next steps.

What is an SEO Strategy?

First things first, what exactly is an SEO strategy? This simply refers to how you go about organising the content that can be found on your company’s website. Sure, from a visitor’s standpoint it’s great to have things organised, but did you know that Google also needs to have a clear understanding of what your website’s intent is? Creating a clear strategy means Google can deliver your results in the search pages, and thereby better your search engine ranking.

The goal should be to stick to certain topics on each page, and then use a variety of keywords that relate back to that topic. Google can pick up on those keywords, and thereby display your page in the results ranking.

It’s More than Just the Wording

It’s also important that companies understand that an effective SEO strategy is more than just organising pages and using keywords – there is also a technical aspect. The backend, which is the set-up of the page and the coding, is also something Google will take a look at. Again, this content will help to determine your company’s search engine rankings.

While you may be comfortable building pages that are organised and stick to one topic, unless you are an SEO marketing expert, the coding may be over and above what you are skilled in. This is when it can be helpful to call in the services of an SEO expert, such as SEO Belfast, which specialises in all things SEO-related. One of the services it offers is that it can work with companies and help them to build an effective SEO strategy that will increase your ranking, thereby increasing web traffic.

So, Is it Necessary?

Now that you have a better understanding of what an SEO strategy is, and how to build one, is it necessary? The easier question to ask yourself is do you want to improve your search engine rankings? Also, do you want to increase the amount of traffic your website is getting? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of these questions, then an SEO strategy is needed. Keep in mind, this is something that can benefit companies in all industries no matter the size of the company.

It’s all about looking for ways to broaden your reach, and ensure that your targeted audience can find you with ease.

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