How To Design A Landing Page

How To Design A Landing Page

Landing pages or funnel pages are important marketing channels that can benefit any business. Whether you sell physical items or digital products, you ought to have a funnel page in order to drive visitors to your products and make sales. A well-designed landing page using software options like Kartra and Clickfunnels, can help you grow your list, get leads or make sales. However, many marketers don’t know how to design a landing page. If you happen to be one of these newbie marketers, here are handy tips on designing your funnel page.

Determine your goal

Before you design the page, determine the aim of your funnel page. Figure out whether you intend to direct visitors to a sign-up page or product page. While a sign-up page with a compact form is meant to grow your mailing list, a product page is used for promoting and selling your products. No matter the goal, be sure that the sign-up form or the sales page requires fewer fields to complete the conversion.

Consider your audience

Next, identify the targets of your products. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, your obvious targets will be females. There’s no point in designing a page to attract males. Such a page will have the lowest conversion. Instead, brainstorm design ideas that match the preferences of females interested in buying women’s clothing. This includes feminist colors and designs of buttons, texts, images, and background that entice women shoppers.

Write a compelling copy

Landing pages are more effective when they incorporate a thoughtful copy that’s clear, on-brand, and relevant to your targeted audience. An ideal copy should consist of an appealing headline, to-the-point body text, and a call-to-action (CTA). Finally, add your contact information at the footer of the copy. Make sure that the copy is short and flashes the attention of users when they pay a visit to your funnel page.

Use lovely images

A picture speaks a thousand words. So don’t forget to add intriguing images that tell about your company and your products. Beautiful images motivate even the most undecided user to sign up for an email list or make a purchase. However, make sure that the chosen images are in line with the landing page text (copy) and the product in question.

Incorporate freebies or promo codes

It’s a human tendency to get something free or at a huge discount. Tap this human nature in your favor when designing your landing page. If you aim to grow your list, giving away a free eBook will work great. On the other hand, a discount code will fetch you more customers if your conversion is sale-oriented.

User-friendly navigation

When visitors are on your site, they intend to get the desired information without any sort of inconvenience. Most of the landing pages are cluttered with uneasy navigation. Such pages receive a higher bounce rate. Once visitors move away, they won’t come back. So note this point and design a user-friendly page. Your page should allow visitors to move to various elements in an organized and swift manner. Such a page will definitely encourage visitors to get to the final step of conversion.

Concluding words

Designing a landing page is an important step in the direction of gaining leads and customers. However, designing a funnel page isn’t a piece of cake. A lot of factors need consideration in order to craft a page that will convert your visitors into customers. You can ease this herculean task by acting smartly. Just take a look at the above steps on how to design a landing page. Within no time, you could come up with an ideal page that will get you leads as well as customers.

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