What is IMD and difference between it and IML?

When it comes to mould decoration, injection moulding is a technology which exists for a decades in various industries especially in electronic and automotive business sectors. The primary objective of this article is to make people aware of what IMD in mould decoration is along with its difference from IML (in mould labelling) and advantages of customers using it. 

An overview about IMD (in mould decoration)

This refers to a process which is required for injection moulded decorated plastic components or parts during cycle of plastic injection moulding. This decoration is a crucial part of a final item that is being prepared when manufacturing a completely decorated item when pressed. 

In this procedure, firstly, pre-printed decorated film or label is inserted in an open plastic mould. Next it is held in a place with vacuum ports assistance, electrostatic charge, etc. Thirdly, when one requires closing this mould, one has to inject plastic resin into this mould. This encapsulates this artwork permanently in finished product. Lastly, a new decorated or printed label is inserted when component of decorated plastic is released. 

Difference between IML and IMD 

Before going through advantages which customers can enjoy, one should know about the differences between these two. There is a particular misalignment surrounding degree when it comes to mould labelling and mould decoration. Hence, when these terminologies are used between suppliers and customers, it often tends to be different. Hence, the difference between the two given below by Rosti will make things quite clear. 

IMD in mould decoration is a procedure that carries on reel to reel with continuous ink printing on polymer carrier. However, the IML (in mould labelling) is an application where one introduces die-cut labels’ application to moulding processes. The crucial difference of this two is that IMD’s decoration material refers to a continuous procedure whereas IML’s process takes place one part after another. 

Using IMD’s advantages

There are several advantages of using IMD. Before opting for this, one should be aware of all the benefits of this process, to enjoy all the best aspects. Have a look!

  1. This process is going continuously. Hence, it assists in eliminating secondary operations. This results in substantially reducing the chain which is quite beneficial to customers. 
  2. Second, advantage of this process is enjoying freedom to design anyway an individual wants. IMD customers are eligible for achieving bespoken and elaborate designs which can be efficiently achieved if one opts for mass painting production. 
  3. Each of these products helps in saving U.S. $1.5 and more; now imagine how much a customer can save when one opts for a huge volume. 
  4. Another essential aspect of this is that there is no need for secondary operations. Hence, it eliminates labour for post moulding decoration as well as equipment costs. 
  5. The best is kept for the last. This is a remarkable tech solution which is difficult for anyone to counterfeit or copy. This is because the procedure involves significant development as well as quite tight production tolerances. 

Now you have a clear idea about IMD in mould decoration and can opt for it according to your need. 

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