Review Gb WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version 2022

For those of you who are looking for GB WhatsApp Pro or Plus to make it easier to communicate, here you can get it. This is an application that has been redeveloped by a third party so it has many advantages.

Many also speed this application as GB Whatsapp Mod which has many additional features in it to use. Because it has been developed by a third party, of course, you can’t get it on the Play Store or App Store.

This is because the WA Mod version is an illegal version but don’t worry because you can still use it, of course, safely. In the past, there were a lot of people who had used this application, but they switched to ordinary Whatsapp which was on the Playstore and Appstore.

This is because Whatsapp regulations are stricter so that those who use applications other than the official version will be subject to temporary to permanent blocking sanctions.

Therefore, the GB Whatsapp Pro application is starting to be abandoned because it is considered unsafe and unfit for use even though there are many very helpful features.

But now take it easy because many have tried to reuse this one application and it is safe until now.

Including myself as a writer using Whatsapp GB as an application used to communicate with fellow WA users.

And for those of you who have previously used this application or who have never but want to use it.

Take it easy because here I will give you all the WA GB applications for free, of course, without the need to pay any fees.

Is it Safe to Use GB Whatsapp?

Of course, those of you who hear about this application think that it is definitely not safe to use it because it is an application that was redeveloped through a third party.

In which case your data may be misused for the purposes of crime or fraud in the mode of your personal data.

But take it easy because even though this is a mod version you can still use it safely without worrying about unwanted things.

This is proven by the fact that many people have used WA GB and haven’t had any problems until now.

From Including myself who use this application to help in communicating with people who are far away but still connected.

Indeed, there are no rules that require you to use this application and no one prohibits you from using it.

So the decision to use Whatsapp GB is in your hands as a user, which obviously has a lot of advantages.

I, as one of the WA GB users who are still using it until now, admit to being satisfied with the features in it.

And if you want to try using this application out of curiosity about what are the advantages in it, you can listen to this article that I made.

Of course, you can also download the WA Mod application in this article that I made without being complicated and free.

GB WhatsApp Pro Review

As I said before, in this article I will discuss in full GB Whatsapp.

Which is the best-selling and widely used mod version application until now because it provides many advantages.

If you use this application, of course, you can feel a lot of additional features that are not in the official version.

This is due to the intervention of a third party that makes or adds a lot of additional features that are included in the WA GB.

Of course, this is an action taken without the knowledge of the official who issued Whatsapp.

However, many people use it because in it you can use features that are not on the official Whatsapp.

This is what causes a lot of users to feel that Whatsapp mod is more profitable if used than the official Whatsapp.

Of course, you are curious about what features can be used if you use Whatsapp Mod. For more details, you can listen to the section below.

Latest GB WA Features 2021

Previously I have said a lot about the advantages that exist in GB WA but of course, you are curious about what features are in it.

Of course, many people want to use this application not without reason but because of the advantages that come with using it.

The advantages in question are the features that are in the mod version but not in the official version which makes the mod version widely used.

Of course, you can enjoy all the features that you can use by simply installing the mod version of the application for free.

But because of the many mod versions of the Whatsapp application, this is what causes a lot of people to use it incorrectly.

And of all Whatsapp mod, GB WA is the most widely used than the others because of the features available in it.

Immediately, for those of you who are curious about what features are in this application, you can listen to the explanation below.

1. Thousands of Themes

For those of you who like to feel that the look of Whatsapp that’s all it’s possible with this feature can help all of you.

In the WA GB application, there are lots of themes that you can use to spoil your eyes and beautify your appearance.

Of course, you can use many of these themes for free, you just need to choose which theme is suitable for use.

This is in contrast to the Remi version which only has two themes, namely light and dark to be used to change the appearance.

This is what causes one of the many people who want to use Whatsapp GB as a communication application instead of regular Whatsapp.

2. Anti Delete Message

Furthermore, there is a feature that can be considered as the most sought-after excellent feature to make it easier for you to use.

You can, but read messages that have been deleted or withdrawn so you are no longer curious about the contents of messages that have been sent but withdrawn.

For example, someone sent the wrong message to your contact and they picked it up so you don’t see the content of the message.

But if you use Whatsapp GB then you can see the contents of the message that has been withdrawn forever.

Of course, for those of you who like to be curious about something related to the content of messages sent via Whatsapp, it will be safe if you use GB WA.

3. Hide Blue Tick

If you are often disturbed by someone who you don’t even know, you must feel uncomfortable and don’t want to reply to that person’s message.

For that, take it easy because there is a feature that can be called a free feature if you use it then.

You can easily trick someone because even though you have read that person’s message, it is still a gray tick.

Usually, if you haven’t read someone’s message, two gray ticks will appear and if it has been read it will turn into two blue ticks.

And if you use WhatsApp GB, even though you’ve read it, people won’t know it because it’s still two gray ticks.

4. Story Anti Delete

On normal Whatsapp or WhatsApp mod, there is a feature where you can create stories or stories that will last for 1 × 24 hours.

If it has passed 1×24 hours then the story will be lost and can not be seen again by others unless you upload it again.

And who can see only people who save your number so you don’t have to worry if a stranger sees it?

You can also delete the story before 1×24 hours if you want so that no one can see the story you created.

But of course, this is not a problem because if you use Whatsapp GB, even though the story has been deleted, you can see it right.

5. WA Airplane Mode

If you are a busy person and want to rest by not activating internet data because there are so many who call, just calm down.

Because there is a feature where you can turn off the network connection connected to your Whatsapp application and still be online.

This feature is very suitable for those of you who like to play games and want to look off Whatsapp which was previously approved by your partner.

Because you can play games quietly without worrying about being disturbed if someone chats or calls via WA.

And you also don’t need to worry because if there is an important message sent, it will be received when you activate the WA data again.

6. Sending Large Files

Furthermore, there is a feature that is very helpful for those of you who want to send large files via WA.

Because if you use this application, of course, you can send files with a size that can be considered large.

This is because the official version of Whatsapp that you can download on the Playstore to send a large file cannot be done.

But take it easy because if you use Whatsapp Mod this can be done easily because it can send large files.

This is also one of the excellent features and what causes this application to be sought after for use.

7. Sending Files Without Compress

If you get a post in the form of a photo and it is sent via Whatsapp, you must be very upset if it becomes blurry.

This happens because on the Whatsapp server the file or photo will be compressed so that its size is reduced.

Of course, not only is the size-reduced but the quality of the photos or images sent is decreased.

But you can take it easy if you use WA GB then this will not happen because the sizes sent and received are the same size.

This is one way that can be done to make images sent via WA not broken.

8. Adding Multiple Accounts

Of course, some of you have two Whatsapp numbers that are used according to their individual needs.

Because there are some cases where you don’t want to be disturbed by personal matters and work matters.

So it requires you to have two numbers at once and both are used for the Whatsapp application.

Of course, it will be very complicated if you have to have two of the same applications to use both numbers.

But no need to worry if you use Whatsapp GB then you can use two numbers or even more in one application.

9. Download Story WA

Furthermore, there is a feature where you can save a story or someone’s story created using Whatsapp.

As I mentioned above earlier that in the Whatsapp application there is a feature where you can upload stories.

And uploaded stories can only be seen by people who save your number on their cellphone.

Then on the other hand you can also see the stories that someone made if you have saved their number on your cellphone.

And if there is a good story or story you can save it for later review at a later time if desired.

10. Anti Banned

If you are worried that the number you are using will be blocked if you use GB Whatsapp, don’t worry because there is an anti-banned feature.

Where you can safely and comfortably use this application without worrying about breaking any rules.

This is evidenced by the many people who have been using this application for a long time but have not experienced this.

This can already be used as evidence that the anti-ban feature in Whatsapp GB is true and can be used.

Of course, it is very comfortable when using the application and there is a guarantee for the security and the features provided make it easier for users.


The conclusion that can be drawn from this article that I made is that you can use mod applications safely without worrying about breaking the rules.

Even though Whatsapp mod is an unofficial application, it can be used safely without any problems.

For those of you who already know the information above, you can decide whether you want to use this application or not, it depends on each one.

I just give you a complete discussion about this one application and a link to download it for free.

And if you decide to use it, no one will forbid it because I myself have used it and feel the advantages.

Maybe this is just a discussion about GB Whatsapp. Hopefully, this article, it can help all of you. Good luck. Thank you.

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