5 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Optimizations

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Back when the Internet was more a wasteland of unrelated websites, random projects and hobbyist information, there wasn’t a lot of activity. Indeed, prior to the release of the first iPhone, the whole place was reserved for enthusiasts and accidental wanderers who found their way online.

But, much of that changed during the early 00s. The acceleration was rapid as individuals and companies started to create their own places to showcase their wares, drive interest and share themselves openly. Even in the early days, SEO in Mississauga and other locations was taking its first steps.

Still, nothing had quite as big of an impact as The Facebook. And now, reading this many years after Facebook’s fateful debut, you are already well aware of the impact that social media has had on all our lives. But, for better or worse, social media is an integral part of our daily lives, our careers and, for companies with an online presence, our businesses as well.

Join GrowME Marketing in Mississauga as we look at five ways to harness the power of your social media.

1. Share In-store Information

Our first optimization offers great returns for established brands and newcomers alike. When we talk about sharing in-store information on social media, we aren’t necessarily talking about great sales or exclusive deals (though those do work great). We are also referring to the daily excitement that happens around most every office, retail store, restaurant and other business.

For instance, if your business has a brick-and-mortar space, try to consider it a separate employee. This can be a little abstract at first, so consider the following examples.

  • Pipes sprung a leak? Make a quick post with a funny picture
  • Cleaned up your storeroom? Show a before-and-after comparison to showcase the new vibe
  • Eccentric client with an odd request? Document the build process and post regular teasers
  • Just finished year-end inventory? Get a celebratory snap with the staff before the shift ends

What each of these examples has in common is that they harness the natural randomness of a workplace. These might not all sound like thrilling and exciting adventures, but they do showcase the humanity behind a company, remind employees that they are part of a team, and, best of all, create organic discussion.

2. Offer Online Flash Sales/ Scheduled Deals

We did allude to it in our first optimization, but now let’s really dig into what digital discounts can do for you. The value of discounts for any given business can vary, but every company can offer some extra value to their service/ product transactions. Whether this is a free add-on, a fee reduction, a limited-time offer or a loyalty program, there is always something that you can do to incentivize people to shop at your business.

But, one of the greatest tragedies of our modern era is the criminal underselling of these deals to the target audience. Seriously, take the time to look at how many businesses have discount or deal signs emblazoned across their storefront. Then look up their social media and see if you can find any mention of these deals. You’ll start to see the value in no time.

3. Respond as Much as Possible

We all love to hear we did a great job, especially from our valued clients. For Mississauga SEO, good reviews are a critical part of the business. What most people do not like, however, is getting negative feedback or reviews. Still, regardless of the message, it is important for you to respond appropriately, earnestly and openly.

This accomplishes a goal for both humans and computers. For the search engine crawler bots looking at your Google My Business profile, they see an active and engaged company that regularly uses the Google platform to interact with their customers. For the humans, either looking for the service you provide or your business specifically, they get a glimpse at your personality, see how you respond to criticism and what repeat issues (if any) your business faces.

4. Crosslink Wherever You Can

You’ll never hear a Mississauga SEO company tell you to put in fewer backlinks, especially from a widely-known company like [insert social media company here]. Every single one of your posts should either lead to a page on your website or to a page that contains its own link back there.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Public

This optimization could be an entire article in itself, but we will just cover the broad strokes here. Honesty, virtue and transparency are the most valuable skills a company (and an individual) can possess in our modern age. Think of any “cancelled” performance, brand or product in the recent past. Overwhelmingly they are not ostracized for making a mistake, but rather deceit.

Conduct yourself in an upright and professional manner that values who you are as an individual and focus on crafting that authenticity into your every tweet, share and post. The rest will start naturally falling into place.

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