Why ERP System is Becoming Inevitable for the Enterprises

ERP system has brought a revolutionary change in the business world. We got the chance to track all the ongoing projects easily with automation. ERP solution made it possible to tightly monitor overall performances and keep employees happy at the end of the day. It’s a tremendous advantage of ERP system to ensure a phenomenal growth in our business.

ERP software market is expected to reach $ 41.69 Billion, Globally by 2020. Small to large- all type of organizations now rely on ERP system to skyrocket their business. Today is the time for automation. You could simply fall behind if you ignore the advancement of technology.

The Evolution of ERP System

An ERP system is made up of that help all areas of your business communicate with each other more effectively. ERP systems integrate all perspectives of an enterprise into one comprehensive information system.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a centralized and integrated system of modern business management. You can track all your ongoing projects’ data and analyze them from a single place with an ERP software. Large-scale business organizations are broadly using ERP system from years to easily keep all the records of various departments. Other organizations also started to take advantage of ERP system from the last decade.

Starting the journey from the late 1980s, the ERP system began to get immense popularity in 2000s with the phenomenal growth of computing power and internet. Today almost all type of organizations from small to medium or complex rely on the ERP system to supercharge their businesses.

Fields to Utilize the Advantage of ERP System

ERP system covers all the areas of your business. ERP software brings together your customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities into one system. Check out some areas you can ensure improvement by your ERP system.

  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Accounting
  • Human
  • Resource and project management
  • Service and maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation and more as you need!

ERP system allows you to execute a single integrated system by replacing the contradictory legacy information systems.

Useful Ways to Ensure the Best Output of an ERP System

ERP system simply includes automation in your management. You have all the records what is going on within your organization. Now is the time to implement the data to ensure the best output. Let’s make a quick overview of the advantage of ERP system.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning refers to consider future policies regarding current resources. Strategic planning tries to find the answer on what you have, where you need to improve and finally, how you could touch the milestone of your business.

“A strategic planning process does not have to be long, time-consuming and drawn out, but it should involve the key personnel of the organization.”  

ERP system helps you to track all the activities and keep records. And strategic planning deals with the term ‘tomorrow’. It’s a great opportunity for you to design a perfect plan based on the information your ERP software is providing you. Try to find out your strengths and weaknesses, critical issues you need to quickly respond and where you want to go with your project.

Mobility of work

You can ensure your employee satisfaction by giving them flexibility and choice. The mobility of work is an approach in which your employees can perform their duties from anywhere they want. Employees around the world today love to work freely using various devices. You too have the opportunity to track and monitor their activities with your ERP system.

You could also measure their performances and provide constructive feedback to lead them to the next level of their career. Mobility refers working environment and skill development as well as. Take the advantage of ERP system to be a true leader.

Data Consistency and Accuracy

You need to have up-to-date information to make a decision. ERP software gathers all your internal data from the various department in a single place. Just keep an eye on your database and go ahead with your decision making.

“Errors reduction is one of the major benefits of the ERP system. ERP increases the reliability of information.”

In a non-ERP system, information may come from many sources like vendors, clients, and staff across multiple departments. Small errors can result in your inventory counts and delays in customer order fulfillment. That’s why you should consider taking advantage of ERP system. You don’t need to waste lots of your time cleaning up inaccuracies if you use a perfect ERP solution.

Organizational Efficiency

ERP system helps you to maintain and increase overall organizational efficiency. How? Check out some important points.

  • Real-time visibility into their operations
  • Instant access to their global supply chains
  • Identify challenges, uncover opportunities, and make faster decisions
  • Automate and streamline unnecessary processes

Transparency of workplace

Give your employees access to internal information. Empower them enough to share their thoughts and take the decision. Your team members aren’t physical labor to just follow your order. You might see the overall organizational environment has changed within a few years. Be a great listener of your people. Establish the environment of an open communication throughout the departments.

Hire employees who are team players. Be honest to keep promises. And you could easily do that taking advantage of ERP system. ERP software has a built-in solution to make internal communication better and easier. Your employee could share their thoughts and make reviews on their teammates’ tasks and even communicate with others privately. That’ the perfect way to ensure workplace transparency.

Unified Data Management

UDM or united data management is one of the basic features of the ERP system. Organizations usually collect and manage data differently based on their departments. ERP software changed the whole picture. United data management deals especially with two facts.

  1. Uniting multiple data management practices
  2. Aligning them with business goals to meet desired success

You don’t need to use various data management tools to keep your data. You don’t need to hire individual teams to implement different groups of information. Take advantage of ERP system to provide, track and implement all your organizational data automatically.

Cost Reducing is an Awesome Advantage of ERP System

ERP system is a proven and sustainable approach to increase the productivity of your business. ERP software centralized all your business functions into a single place. Your cost decreases surely in an automated way. ERP inspires employees to follow a self-supported record keeping system.

Whenever one of your employees create a task or submit a report, ERP stores that in the central database. You have options to check that separately and even all at once daily, weekly or monthly basis. That’s the way to save your valuable time, manpower, resources and of course, cost! Automate your system with ERP software. Streamline your business with less manpower, low budget, and resources.

Team Collaboration and Productivity

It’s obvious. You could definitely achieve the goal of ensuring perfect collaboration among your team members. ERP enables all the data being willingly available to be used by multiple users. Your employees want to get access to your database for freely performing the duty. Also to share information and communicate with anyone to get work done. Today it’s a well established behavioral approach to want to cut back on formal meetings and email chains.

You could enable them to work together in a flexible and collaborative workspace efficiently with ERP system. You will wonder discovering their continuous increased productivity. Besides, there is also a need to mutually create contents. You need to create a repository system with your ERP by which anybody who needs to use it could access directly.

Adaptability and Customization

You need to consider the facts of adaptability and customization of ERP software while selecting. Try to find out whether the solution fit for your project or not. There is almost no software that 100% fit for any project. And you might know it’s a common reality in the software industry. That’s why you need to be confirmed about getting customization feature of your ERP solution. Try to focus on features you need to use in running situation and more options you may need in future.

Check out some facts you need to keep in mind-

  • Ease of operations
  • Accurate mapping of your business processes
  • Extending better-integrated applications
  • Time and cost implementation etc.  

The advantage of ERP system depends on the software’s adaptability and customization in many ways.

Considering the Best ERP System: Some Big Players in the Industry

You could realize the importance of comprehensive business management for your better future. Also, your challenges as a leader. In this complex era of technology, you should be very clear about why you prefer automation and how to ensure the best output. Now is the time to select the best HR management software for your project.

Types of ERP Solutions in the market

There are different types of ERP solutions in the market. We could divide them mainly into four categories.
1. Generalist ERP– fit for all with strong customization and integration

Examples: Oracle, SAP, Netsuite etc.

2. Vertical ERP– industry-specific ERP mainly for startups and or smaller companies.

Examples: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Brightpearl, Epicor Retail etc.

3. Small Business ERP– on-premise ERP with one or two departmental solutions like HR or Accounting.

Examples: BambooHR, PeopleSoft, Recruitee etc.

4. Fully customizable ERP– Full ERP solution with outstanding customization options. Nowadays open-source solution is getting more and more popular. This is where comes the evolution of WordPress!  

Examples: Odoo ERP, SalesForce, Zoho etc.

Some Issues with SaaS ERP Solution You Should Consider

With lot’s of facilities, there are some facts you should think about. Many of the Saas ERP software users say-

  • Cost is huge
  • Low security
  • Stability Problems
  • Too many upgrades
  • Some customization and fitness issues

In these regards, you should prefer WordPress. It’s free, secure and fully customizable. More than 30% of the users around the world now preferring WordPress as their web platform.

WordPress in Action

When we talk about open-source software or CMS platform, WordPress is the biggest player you might know. WordPress now powers over 60 million websites worldwide. Between 50 to 60% of websites that use a CMS are now built on WordPress. So you should certainly study WordPress when you are going to automate your business.

Do you know there is a huge number of ERP software or plugins in the WordPress industry too? Staffer, Staff Directory, WP-HR Manager, and WordPress ERP are some of the big players within the WordPress community. Our pick for you is WordPress ERP. You may ask- why? Let’s pinpoint some core features of WP ERP!

What you will get with WP ERP?

WP ERP is the best WordPress ERP plugin both by its number of users and rich service providing history. You could check out WP ERP‘s features, power, and uniqueness trying its demo version.

WP ERP actually is an all in one business management solution. And it’s free!
It has all the four essential section for your business.
1. Human Resource Management (HRM)
2. Project Management(PM)
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
4. Accounting

If you have a WordPress site, You should consider using WP ERP as a priority basis. Try all the suggested plugins and select the best one regarding your project.

Why You Should Prefer WP ERP?

  • All in one business management solution including HRM, CRM & Accounting
  • It has 20+ extensions including awesome project management modules
  • 8000+ businesses are keeping their faith in this solution for years
  • WP ERP has users all around the world from (over 160 countries and 20+ languages)
  • It’s a completely built-in solution for your business
  • And finally, it’s free with 24/7 official support

Closing Thoughts on Advantage of ERP System

ERP system is a must use solution for today’s business. ERP automates your project by making it easy of task creating and employee management, records keeping and performance tracking, account management, decision making and more as you need. Take advantage of ERP system to supercharge your business with automation.

Are you convinced to start using the free solution of WP ERP? Learn more on how to perfectly use this all in one ERP solution.

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