The Benefits of Using Google+

Google+ is a social networking site which is created by Google. The Google+ has been released since 2011. Some people who has join the Google+ said that it is interesting because Google+ has wide colors as the variety such as orange, yellow, red, blue, and green. This concept of Google + is used because the author sees that the users of Google+ are frequently accessed the Google page to the infinite page. So, if we pay attention of the display of the Google+, we can see that Google+ provides the wide range of the color on the Google name. People in the world have been familiar with the other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Hi5. So Google creates Google + to facilitate the existed social media. Some facilities and features in Google+ are similar with other social network. It offers circle, photos, profile information, hangout, events, page, community, status and sharing, local. In the profile information, the user identity is displayed. The Circle is used to classify the types of the relationship. Hangout is a video facility to speak with the Google+ users. Events are used to create and published the activities or events. Community is a collection of groups with particular favorite topic. Local is a feature that is integrated with Google Maps. It can search for specific places and give assessment. Status and shareis able to share what you thought, or share the links, website, and video in the Circle. Google+ has a lot of benefits for the users. It has the similar benefits like the other social networking.

Google+ growing rapidly

Google+ is a social networking website which is growing fast. Google+ has more than 135 million users in the worldwide and 60% of them always login and update much information regularly.

Google+ has many facilities

Only a few people knows that Google+ has many facilities more than the other social networking. If the users have one account of Google+, the users can enjoy many facilities such as Picasa, YouTube, Adsense, Adworks or speaking in live video or many more.

Google+ helps people to connect with other people around the world

It is no doubt that the existence of Google + as the social media is beneficial. It can help the people around, I, you, we, they, in the world connected well. However, the other people must also have the account in the Google+ by registering using Gmail. G main is the email account from Google which work for all the accounts owned by Google such as Blogger, YouTube, or Google Adsense. That is the basic concept of Google+. The concept of Google+ is actually one for all. One account in Gmail can connect with Blogger and YouTube. It will make the users easier by having one account. Different with other social network, the users need more account to re-registration which is little bit more complicated.

Google+ helps to publish your writing

It is no wonder that using Google+ is more efficient because the users just need one account in Gmail to connect with the other networks. The Google+ is also possible to share the activities to friends who also exist in Google+. It may be happened because Google has the track whereabouts of your site. If you are a writer or blogger, Google+ can help to publish your writing to the friends in the site. It is very useful for the development of the writing. It can be denied that by clicking the page in the friends’ page, it may be the blog.

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