Does Teespring Still Work?

Do Teespring and Facebook still need each other? Some people ask this question because there are many emerging new models of business as well as the marketing methods which “they said” are more effective and efficient. Regardless of the third parties websites, I would like to invite you to look further into the insight of the matter based on several different points of view.

Regarding to the market condition, to answer the first question, the answer is still a YES. It is because the market is not saturated. Alright, the niche might be saturated. We can see that 2014 version of Boston Red Socks tees will be outdated since there are 2015 version ones. That is what saturating the niche but not about the models, right? There are still massive opportunities that can be brainstormed to grab some enormous profits with Teespring. Now the answer lies in the current trend and mainstream.

So, what kind of trend that you need to follow, or adopt? This is actually the marvelous question. The trends are very vibrant and broad. You can think the most imaginative spectrum as possible from your mind. Thanks to the technology these days now you can make the use of some sophisticated tools available to the users nowadays. You can look for the current trend data at a time from the free tools like Google Trends, Reddit, Trends Hunter, and many more. Now you can easily find the best trends which are currently on the stream. The key here is to find the specific niches and target your audience. That is the first step of launching the campaign on Teespring.

Let’s say you stick to the plan and want to make some more for Boston Red Socks. You will be looking at the trend data this year. You will see that there are a lot of possibilities in social media looking from the thousands of shares and engagement on some funny images or posts, interesting news, feeds, and so on. You will see a great deal of big fans of the team and average sports lovers that will love to buy the T-Shirt from you.

It does not take so long time to narrow down your targeted audiences. There are a lot of places in which you can find your passionate buyers. So you can simply made a great logo design through the outsourcing. And yes, you don’t have to be a professional designer to design your own T-shirt. The great thing about it is that you can outsource the design. Once you get the design, you can just upload the image to a shirt on the Teespring and launch your campaign. Of course you should calculate your ROI when using the Facebook ads to push selling your Teespring campaign. There is also in and out campaign that you can try.

There are a lot of niches and interests that you can be involved with. Some of them are saturated and you need to struggle a little bit to win over the competitors. However, the usage of the tools can be the best consideration when it comes to following the niches and trends. And if you make the use of it really well, you are good to go.

So, to answer the question, it is a YES.

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