Tips and Trick for Google+ Noobs of New Users (Part II)

Social platform like Google+ will be much enjoyable since you can know the features and how to use it. So you need to learn about more Google+ tips to enjoy socializing with it more. If you have read some tips on the post below, you will get more in this post. Some tips below will teach you to use the social media like a professional.

Manage the Posts Sharing

Google+ enables the users to share something to public and manage to whom the posts will be shared; to one other user or to the entire users of the social platform in the world. Yet, your private post will not be shared to the world even though you have shared it to one user. Yes, Google+ has a feature to disable posts sharing. Just click the menu at the post’s top right, drop down the arrow and click‘disable reshare’ on the post that you want to stay private.

When you have chosen this feature, you also cannot mention a user although he/ she has commented on your post previously. However, people still can screen grab the post so you should be aware of this Google+ tips.

Finding the Permalinks of the Post

It is easy to find permalinks of the post. After you share the post, click the menu arrow on the top right and click ‘link to this post’. The post will be opened on another tab and then you can simple copy and paste the URL. If you can’t find the menu for the post got limited options of sharing, just click the time stamp of the post. It is another way to open the post in another window so you can see the URL but it can’t be seen by everyone.

Share the Contents by Drag and Drop

Sharing the contents on Google+ can be simply done by drag and drop it in the ‘share’ box. You can use it to share photos, videos, other user’s profiles, and links.

Change Your Circles’ Visibility

One of Google+ tips you should know more is how to change the circles’ visibility. The circles are displayed randomly on every profile. But you can the visibility by showing certain circles or hiding certain circles you want. So you can show the coolest persons you have and hiding the weird ones. Just click ‘edit profile’ to change the visibility and then click the circles box on the left, then you can manage everyone who is visible as your circles.

Make Pictures with Special Effects

Google+ also has a feature to give effects to your pictures. The ‘actions’, ‘auto color’, ‘auto contrast’, etc are the menu to choose and create special effects to your pictures.

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