Tips and Trick for Google+ Noobs of New Users (Part I)

Most new users need tips and tricks for Google+ to face some noobs in the social platform.If you are one of those users, you can learn some simple hints below. The tips and tricks below will guide you to share everything faster and understanding privacy settings for uploading contents well. You can use Google+ well like a professional when you have known all of the hints.

Complete Your Profile Info on the Pop-Up Window

For most users of Google+ that haven’t known about you yet, your avatar could be just a thumbnail. When they hover over it, they will not find complete information about your profile, except a few more information such as profession, company name, location, etc. You can make the pop-up window displaying more profile information; just like on Twitter. All you need is just editing your profile information. In the box of Employer name in employment section, write more about the employer like your bio, interests, hobby, etc. Check the ‘current’ box and now you can see more information in the profile window. All people will see the information whenever they hover over your avatar.

Organizing the Contents with Circles

If you need to organize your contents, then the circles can be the useful tool. It is useful tips and tricks for Google+ since you can make more empty circles so there will be more spaces to organize contents. You can share different headings by making the empty circles. Make a notepad too. There are a few more things to do about the contents including bookmarking to check out any links, ‘read later’ for the articles or posts in longer contents, as well as the ‘test’; something that allow you to muck around without irritating the followers.When you have set and shared the contents on numbers of empty circles, you can make Plus bits to save after viewing the circles stream.

Scrolling by Clicking the Profile Pictures

This is one of the neat tips and tricks for Google+ since users can scroll the profile pictures directly on the page of posts or profile. If you want to see the pictures of other users, just click on the avatar image on the top left. If the user has more than one pictures, you can see them all by scrolling. You can be creative with this feature. For example, uploading two same pictures but make the second picture winking; just like the profile picture of designer Phouthong Luong.

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