Heavy-duty casters for home and business applications

Casters for home and business applications

Most transportation equipment in the industrial applications for shorter distances is using casters since it requires less force. Furthermore, caster wheels are also inexpensive compared to tires. The casters available are classified based on various criteria like the load-carrying capacity, the material used, design, application, the temperature they can withstand and shock absorption capacity. The load-carrying ability is the primary method for caster classification. HOD heavy-duty caster is a caster designed for carrying heavier loads. However, even the capacity varies depending on the material used for the caster and size.

We can classify the heavy-duty casters from HOD further into three main categories. They are medium to heavy duty, standard heavy duty and extra heavy duty, depending on the specific load-carrying capacity of the caster. The extra heavy duty casters have the highest load-carrying capacity of up to 4000 kg. For many material handling applications, it is necessary to have a caster wheel with a low centre of gravity to prevent toppling. Hence, HOD is also offering casters for heavy duty and extra heavy duty with a low centre of gravity, to cater to the demand of equipment manufacturers.

The HOD Caster is offered in different kinds of materials like nylon, high-temperature nylon, plastic core nylon, polyurethane (PU), iron core PU, aluminium core PU, polypropylene, elastic and foam rubber material. They should be selected depending on the surface on which it will be utilised. Most of the casters are suitable for most of the surfaces on which the equipment will be moved, such as carpet, linoleum, wooden floor, concrete, and many other types. However, the foam rubber casters cannot be used on rebar since it will get damaged.

Casters should also be selected based on specific operating conditions. Most of the commonly used casters are designed to withstand water, steam and chemicals. However, the highly elastic rubber, foam rubber and pneumatic casters are not suitable for use in grease and on scrap material. Their performance will be reduced noticeably. Other than the high-temperature nylon casters, none of the casters should be used for high-temperature conditions. The modified nylon, polypropylene, high-temperature nylon and pneumatic castors cannot be applied at low temperatures. For shock absorption, the rubber and pneumatic casters are the most suitable.

When selecting a particular caster for an application, it is advisable to consider the type of surface on which it is controlled and the operating conditions. Then the load which it will have to carry is specified to the chosen caster. Each of the HOD casters has a part number, and for each part number, the load-carrying capacity in kg is pinpointed along with other dimensions. Usually, the wheel diameter is directly proportional to the capacity, and casters which carry a more significant load have a higher diameter in most cases. Most of the heavy-duty casters of high capacity are made from polyamide.

Since it is crucial to ensure that the caster is compatible with the equipment to which it is attached, the buyer should also check the other dimensions of the caster. The tread width is the thickness of the caster while the load height is the height of the caster. Moreover, the swivel radius is the radius through which the caster will swivel.

The caster has a plate on top with a hole, and the equipment hole should be compatible so that it can be easily attached. The load height is also more for casters with a higher load-carrying capacity. Most of the casters have double bearings, though some casters with four bearings are also available.

A bracket is fixed on top of each caster to ensure it is stably attached to the equipment. There are four different types of brackets available, depending on the flexibility of movement. The rigid bracket does not allow any action while the swivel type bracket enables the caster to be moved in any direction. Brackets with brakes are available so that they be halted earlier. The brakes may be fixed on the side, or total brakes are also available. The brackets are available in four different sizes, and they are 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches or 8 inches. These brackets are zinc plated for more exceptional durability and to prevent corrosion.

The casters are available in a wide variety of colours and construction to suit the applications. While most of the polyamide casters are white in colour, these are likely to get dirty faster. Hence there are casters available in other colours like grey, orange, yellow. For heavier loads, of up to 500 kg, iron core casters are utilised here. These casters have an iron core at the centre, and the outer surface is made from polyurethane. In some cases, the casters are made from polyamide of two colours, with the core being black and outer layer being silver or orange. The casters for heavy duty applications are made from solid polyamide (PA).

HOD is a manufacturer of the heavy-duty casters and is a reputed company which was founded in the year 2011. The company is ISO:9001 certified to ensure that the casters manufactured to conform to the highest quality standards. The company has manufacturing facilities of  6000 square meters and a total of 120 employees. Meanwhile, it also has 120 distributors worldwide for selling their product. HOD manufactures 27 different categories of caster wheels for various applications. Three of its production lines are for manufacturing industrial-grade casters, while another one line is for medical and trolley type casters.

The production line of HOD has a capacity of six million casters in a year. Each production line includes an injection moulding facility where the casters are produced and an assembly section where the bracket is attached to the caster. HOD has extensive testing facilities to ensure that the casters are of the highest quality. The casters are checked for their dynamic performance with and without obstacles. The braking performance of the casters is also monitored. They are also examined for corrosion resistance, abrasion, ability to withstand fatigue. Durometers are used to test the durability of casters. Hence, by using the latest technology for design, manufacturing and testing, HOD ensures that customers get the best quality heavy-duty casters for their equipment.

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