How to Gain Real Tumblr Followers and Engagement

“Why would anyone Buy Tumblr Accounts?” is something that majority of popular bloggers and social media enthusiasts would say. It is as if they have a clear guideline on how to answer questions regarding which one is better: buying a well-established account or followers. Yes, if there is a taboo in the cyber community, it must be closely related to buying either accounts or followers. Those bloggers and social media enthusiasts always try to make us believe that it’s easy to grow followers when you have high quality and engaging contents. All you have to do is create a string of contents that will not only catch others’ eyes, but also keep them coming back for more. No secrets, no shortcuts. It may seem extremely easy on paper, but to those who have practically been living and breathing trying to grow their followers by making all of the best contents they could ever think of, the advice seems as good as trash. Imagine having to constantly make an attempt and yet, at the end of the day or even month, no single follower is gained. Even if you finally manage to gain a follower, it will most likely a spam bot which tries to either sell you something or get you to follow them back.

There may be a large number of social media platforms in this day and age, but if there is one thing that all of these platforms have in common, it’s the importance of the follower count. It does not matter if you are a local artist trying to get noticed or a small business trying to increase sales, you cannot reach your goals without a significant number of followers. So what does one have to do when even their best attempts cannot get them the followers they need? Buying followers is the best option that cross your mind. But hold that thought, we can tell you for sure that the option is far from decent, what’s worse is you may not get what you are looking for with buying followers. Before you mistake us for one of those “high quality contents trump buying followers,” we are not. There are a number of reasons why we don’t believe it’s necessarily the best option, especially compared to our Buy Tumblr Accounts alternative. Buying followers is a big no for bloggers because follower count is not the only variable in the equation. There is another thing that you must keep in mind: your engagement number. Tell us what good comes out of having 50,000 followers when you have next to zero engagement? Nothing.

Feeling hopeless and ready to give up the fight? Don’t be. Because we aren’t here only to tell you the downside of buying fake followers for your Tumblr blog, we are also here to help you come out of this rut and let you know that there is, indeed, one alternative – and the best one at that: buying an already well-established Tumblr account with followers. As you can see on the Buy Tumblr Accounts section on the Avatar Bazaar website, there is a huge selection of Tumblr accounts for sale, and all of them come with a set of genuine followers. Which means they are real humans who follow the account because they share the same interests.

The followers that come with these established Tumblrs are unlike those fake followers you can buy for cheap, and it’s for one reason: being real human followers, they can like, share and comments on your posts which will automatically bump up your credibility. This type of organic reach and genuine engagement is definitely a good news to those who also dabble in SEO as they contribute greatly to your and your Tumblr blog’s chance of being ranked by search engine such as Google. So why waste your money to buy fake followers when you can head over to reliable websites such as Avatar Bazaar to Buy Tumblr Accounts and get all the benefits at an affordable price?

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