FamiSafe: The virtual guard of your child

The world is moving at a fast pace and the children today are smart, they use the internet as a need and not a luxury as we used to back in the day. However, they don’t understand the danger of this vast and wide ‘World Wide Web’ hence it is up to the parent to make them secure in every way possible. As the first and foremost duty of the parent is to make the child secure.

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To aid parents with child’s security developers at ‘WonderShare’ have come up with an app that would help the parents in making sure their child is safe at all times with the help of the app called FamiSafe.

The app has been used by parents and this is how each feature helped them with ensuring their child’s safety.

App Blocker

Tiffany used FamiSafe to help her reduce her child’s addiction to clash of clans. Here is what she had to say

“I hate the Clash of Clans game. It took too much time from my son. FamiSafe helped me to control my son’s phone and prevent him from addiction at least at night. It is easy to handle the app. The only thing is it is not always free (only for the first three days).”

Although it is not always free, it has a simple and affordable monthly and yearly plan.

Location Tracking

The app has a real-time location tracker which would help people track their child’s location. This is what Anny had to say about her experience of using FamiSafe’s location tracking feature

Anny says “I love this app. My daughter went camping last weekend with her classmates. I was kind of worried at the beginning because it’s the first she went out without me. I needed to be sure she’s always with her team. Thankfully with FamiSafe, I was able to track her real-time location all day long. Very cool!”

So not only helped her keep track of her daughter’s location, but it also helped the daughter enjoy her camp without her mother calling her again and again about her whereabouts.

Screen-Time control

Children can quickly become addicted to phones causing them to use mobiles and devices excessively. This leads to an adverse effect on their mental health and brain damage.

Here is what parent Frank had to say about his experience using FamiSafe app.

Frank says “It’s hard to find an app that could do everything. I tried a GPS watch. It’s great and could track location and make an emergency call. The problem is my son does not like it. I had to buy him a smartphone-like many parents. FamiSafe then helped me do all the parental control work I need like tracking and screen time control. I love it.”

FamiSafe is a user-friendly app and you don’t have to be a technology buff to use this app.

The app has a simple subscription plan which is as follows

Following are the paying plans:

  • For 12 months period, $4.99/month
  • For a month, $9.99
  • For 3 months period, $6.66/month

The good news here is that using coupon “SENFSOFF”  you can get 20% of the purchasing plan

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