Effective and Easy-to-Follow SEO Tips for Long-Term Blog Posts

Whenever you are going to write an SEO article, you will definitely want to people to read them. If people do not read your articles, all of your efforts will be wasted. Recourses that you invested will go in vain. People usually like shorter contents but to be very honest, in shorter details, you will not be able to describe the real scenario. People will not understand properly what you were trying to say. On that regard, you need to go for lengthy articles or long-term blog posts.

There are certain instructions to be followed to make your long-term blogs fruitful. In this post, we will discuss some of the instructions to facilitate you in writing long-term blog posts.

Well researched Keywords

Put more efforts in identifying your keywords. Keywords must be specific. Google Keyword Planner can also help you a lot in this regard. You can also benefit from the professional help of companies such as SEO Houston TX.

Make the best use of long-tail keywords

Everyone doing SEO puts effort in focusing on keywords. But they often avoid the use of long tail keywords. So if you can make the perfect use of this, it can help you to get better ranking in a competitive market because you will have less competition and your keywords are more specific.

Proper Implementation of schema markup

This is a type of coding system that enables search engines to analyze your articles. It generally splits up the content and informs the search engines about the meaning of each part. Eventually it helps to give you better results.

Be perfectionist in making title tag

A perfect title bears lots of importance. This is the first thing a reader will find after searching. Your title tag must be able to describe the benefits and at the same time can focus your keyword.

Clear and specific Meta Description:

Meta descriptions will help you to stand out in competitive SERPs. This description must not be too lengthy. The meta descriptions should also focus on the keywords and should be very clear and direct to the point.

Boost up the speed of the site

Serious traffic can be lost just because of your site being slow to load. You need to work in boosting up the speed of your site. You can increase the speed by making it simple as you can reduce the server response time.

Make the body text focus on the keyword

The body of the article must contain the keywords to be focused on. But it should not be used everywhere. You can use it at the start and at the end of the posts. You are recommended to use it at a minimum of one h2 subheading.

Determining of keyword frequency

Keyword frequency refers to the number of times your keyword appears in your content. You can use the keyword 4 to 6 times while writing a long-term blog post. Do not forget to use long tail and LSI keywords in every few paragraphs.

Boost your chances to get featured snippet

Featured snippet refers to the boxes showing the overview of the content and a question. Nowadays, if you have a featured snippet, your content can undoubtedly go to the first page of Google. So be sure to make use of these featured snippet.

Make the best choice for title modifiers

Some words are frequently searched on the Internet. Your title must be containing those to get more traffic to your site. People generally use the words “best” or “easy” in their search. Make sure to use these.

Ensure lengthy content

Long form contents must be above 2000 words but if you want to get great ranking, you are highly recommended to create contents above 3000 words.

Ensure your article reaching enough depth

You content needs to be elaborated. You can focus on some points and then go for the detailed description. If your content can reach that certain depth, your website can easily rank better even if your back links are not so powerful.


The most important benefit of long-term blog post is that you will have the space to put your long researched thought. It will also help to build up good relationship with the readers as they will get everything they want. The above mentioned points will definitely help you a lot in writing long-term blog posts and at the same time will help you to reach the top of the SERPs.


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