Your 6-Point Guide on How to Make a Jewellery Website

Bored buying jewellery? Pondering over selling instead of buying? We recommend you take the online route. The eCommerce industry is exploding with success stories and your could be the next one. Here is how you can create an online jewellery website of your own with a Magento jewellery store template.

1. Think of a Business Name

People buy jewellery (or anything) for the brand value and the prestige that comes with it. It makes sense to fix a business name that can double up as a brand name. Branding is not easy since there is too much you have to decide to about it build a jewellery website.

2. Decide How to Go About it

“ To be a successful store brand, you must identify your target audience & cater to them with products & services that best appeal to their needs & desires.”  – J. Russell Krueger, CEO, Acquire Marketin

So that’s how you go about it.

  •   Find your target audience; their age distribution, jewellery buying needs, preferred style (vintage, modern, minimalist, etc.)
  •   Serve them with products that stick to the routine yet have a refreshing character to them. Like diamond pendant for the modern day working women strung on thin chains that fit anywhere – from pubs to conference rooms.
  •    Build a brand name around your products and services. Brands become popular for how and what they treat their customers with. It is what creates an identity that beats competition.

3. Register Your Domain Name

Perhaps, compared to brand building and product categorization, the most crucial element in building an online jewellery website is registering the domain name.
  •   Check if the domain name identical to your business name is available
  •   You can search for domain names for domestic (.ae for UAE, .in for India, etc.) and international basis(.com)
  •    There are plenty of online tools to help you find that foe jewellery business. If it is available, buy it right away before someone else picks it up

4. Arrange for Web Hosting with a Reputed Service Provider

You cannot do without web hosting, because, that is what puts your website online and open for jewellery business to the Internet. Since you want to make a jewellery website it is recommended to look for a web hosting service provider who can host a live and dynamic eCommerce store. Hosting an eCommerce website is an entirely different ball game. Even seconds of downtime can cost in millions. So be careful when you are making a jewellery website who you sign up as your partner for web hosting.start an online jewelry business

5. Choose the Best Design – To Build a Jewellery Website Successfully

Choose the Best Design for Jewellery website

If jewellery designs are the attention magnets for compulsive shoppers, your virtual storefront should be a magnet for the wary netizen. Here are some ways you can tweak your web design (other than visually) to make a Jewellery website that will drive traffic and sales volumes.

From awesome content to torrential traffic, the path to making your jewellery store popular and a beehive of popularity is going to be dependent on digital marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, social marketing, etc..
  • Reel them in with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is free and creates organic traffic to your jewellery website. All you need to do is crease content with targeted keywords in your website headers, meta descriptions, content, etc.
  • Sell it all with an easy to use shopping carting system. At least 67% of online shoppers abandon carts because the shopping cart system is complicated or too lengthy. If you want to sell everything in your jewellery store, make sure it is bolted in with.
  •  Make some side money from your hustle with Google AdSense, banner adverts, affiliate marketing, branded franchise, etc.

6. Let’s Talk Money, How Much Does it Cost to Start a Jewellery Website Store?

To be legit, there is no accurate estimation of how much money one will need to develop a jewellery website. The cost estimate for a home-based jewellery maker will differ vastly from the cost estimate of that of a retail jewellery chain or brand.
For a home based jewellery maker/seller, the cost of production, salaries, administration, shipping costs will be a bare minimum. For a retail chain, these costs will definitely eat into the profit margin thus requiring even   deeper pockets to dig into.
However, $20,000 can be estimated to be an appropriate answer if someone asks how much does it cost to start a jewellery store?
Of course, that is a big amount by any means to begin with. But, there are other alternatives worth exploring that will give help you design a jewellery website with minimal financial resources.

Readymade Scripts: A Perfect Alternative to Expensive Custom eCommerce Development – Create Jewellery Store Online

Readymade scripts are purposeful software offerings that help you create any kind of eCommerce store of your own from scratch without breaking a sweat. These scripts are pre-programmed for function in particular ways, most often, to imitate the working of popular business models like Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. The great news is that, such readymade scripts are available for opening online multivendor stores. You can make an online jewellery store with online shopping and payment functions with such a readymade script.

Apphitect Jewellery Script – Build a Jewellery Store in Mins

Apphitect is a Dubai based digital transformations company that creates several SMAC products. The online jewellery website template is one of its recent creations that help literally anyone to become owners of full fledged online store owners.

build a jewellery website

Checkout overall product details here : Live Demo  

Apphitect’s jewellery store theme provides the framework to which more muscle can be added through customizations to create a unique and feature-rich online jewellery store.

Apphitect’s multivendor jewellery shop theme is embedded with several crowd pulling features including:

          – Admin dashboard
          – Seller profile and dashboard
          – Advanced analytics
          – Multiple product types
          – Ajax powered product Quickview
          – Social logins
          – Flexible commission calculations
          – Deals corner
          – 100% customizable code

Free benefits – Build your dream Jewellery shop without developer help

          – AWS Cloud hosting
          – Sales boosting addons
          – Free jewellery store themes
          – Free support

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