5 Different Types of Writing Assignments – A Comprehensive Guide for College Students

You may encounter different types of writing assignments over your study years in college. It demonstrates students’ comprehension of the subject and enables them to explain ideas in their own words. They start thinking of innovative ideas and ask questions to produce unique aspects of the topic under consideration.

Before students start learning how to compile their college or university assignments, another aspect also needs attention. It’s about learning different types of assignments that your tutor can assign. Here, we will discuss 5 different types of assignments that teachers can assign to evaluate students’ understanding of the subject.

By recognising these different types, you can effectively write to meet the task requirements. However, if the writing guidelines are strict and you are not confident you can meet the standards, then availing yourself of assignment writing services can help you achieve perfection in such write-ups. With years of expertise, the professionals can better translate the prompt requirements onto the paper.

Keep reading to navigate through various types of writing assignments for college students.

What Are The 5 Most Common Types of Writing Assignments?

Here is a list of common assignment types that you may encounter when writing. Learning about them will not only polish your critical skills but also train you to follow the writing convention of your subject. So, let’s move ahead and learn about them.

1. Essays

An essay is an interpretative literary composition which is written to present an idea, arguments or express an emotion to initiate the debate out of it. This way writer can present ideas in a non-fictional way.

General Requirements to Write an Essay: 

An essay write-up may need to follow up on the below-mentioned writing prerequisite.

  • It may be 500 to 5000 words or more.
  • The topics of the essays are boundless, and you may choose anyone to present your viewpoint.
  • The ideas should be presented clearly and coherently.
  • Each paragraph should contain only one thought.

Remember these requirements for various types of writing assignments for colleges and universities may differ.

Structure of An Essay:

The structure of an essay in assignment writing types, as given by UTS, is displayed below. This structure can help you justify your stance to the reader while you understand the types of writing assignments.


A college essay presented by Shemmassian Academic Consulting can be considered to comprehend its writing style. This exceptional write-up was used to admit the student to Harvard University. Find here its introductory part.

2. Reports

The reports are the specific types of writing assignments which are written to examine an issue or event or analyse the findings of a particular research work. It involves analysing the problem and coming up with the appropriate solution.

Report Writing Process:

Learners who are supposed to write reports should consider the task a process that is divided into three phases.

  • Preparation: Here, you analyse the objectives of your project and prepare for group communication with your team members.
  • Analysis: It involves gathering evidence, conducting thorough research, investigating and calculating the data.
  • Writing: Here, you will build up your key argument and start writing.

Difference between Reports and Essays:

Are you confusing the reports’ details with essays? Here, spot the key differences given by the Australian National University to differentiate both types of writing assignments for students in several ways

However, even if the difference is still vague and you fear not adhering to the specific requirements, hiring an assignment writer who can follow these guidelines can be a premium option. Their expertise in different types of writing assignments will maintain your academic excellence in a particular field.

Structure of Writing A Report:

The University of Newcastle Australia defines the whole process of report writing with examples of each section. The different sections of the report are given below.

  • Title page
  • Table of content
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Discussions
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • References  


Sample.net provides report samples that can help students struggling to understand the structure or related details.

3. Case Study

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a particular real-world context. These types of writing assignments may involve studying an event, organisation, group, place or phenomenon. These assignments are commonly used in educational, social, business and clinical research.

Types of Case Studies:

Different case studies that any researcher may encounter to use for testing the hypothesis. It may involve,

  • Collective Case Studies: It involves studying individual cases to give explanations of the situation.
  • Descriptive Case Studies: It starts with the descriptive theory to gather information and compare it with the pre-existing theory.
  • Explanatory Case Studies: It is mostly used for casual investigations.
  • Exploratory Case Studies: It is common to conduct more in-depth research.
  • Intrinsic Case Studies: It is conducted when the researcher is personally interested in the case.


The case study examples given by Verywell Mind in the discipline of psychology are worthy of consideration here. This way, you may be able to comprehend different types of writing assignments.

4. Literature Review

Generally, a literature review is the summary of previously published research findings of other authors. Such types of writing assignments are meant to identify the specific research question so that you can find its solution. It needs to be drawn out from a range of different sources such as books, web-based sources, academic journals, etc.

How to Write a Literature Review?

The University of Arizona defines four key steps for writing a literature review for your paper.

  • Understand your research scope.
  • Identify the literature related to the topic.
  • Critically analyse all the sources collected for data collection.
  • Categorise your resources to organise the data.


The Libguids provides an example of a literature review written for the topic “Building customer loyalty: A customer experienced-based approach in a Tourism context”. The paper’s abstract is given below.

5. Assignment

An assignment is a piece of work assigned by your tutor to evaluate your understanding. These types of writing assignments may provide evidence to the teacher that you can fulfil your subject learning goals.  

Tips for Writing Your Assignments:

California State University Monterey Bay provides some expert tips for writing your assignments so that you do not get bogged down by the complex writing details.

  • Clarify the task.
  • Conduct a thorough research.
  • Take note of resources.
  • Brainstorm related ideas.
  • Get your early feedback.
  • Follow a cohesive structure.
  • Check for accuracy.
  • Editing or proofreading.


The ISSUU shares a sample of nursing assignments that should be noted before starting to write your project.


Performing well in different types of writing assignments is crucial for getting good grades in your college or university education. Such write-ups are mostly meant to encourage the student to learn about the subject. Therefore, understanding different types is important so that you can differentiate the different writing guidelines. That is why in the guide above, we have defined the 5 important types of assignments that you may encounter when writing at any time in your college. You can find here all the related details that can assist in compiling a quality document. If understanding different types is challenging for you and thinking of their importance in your coursework makes you worry about losing grades by writing a faulty document, then buy assignments online from professionals. These experts can better provide you with hassle-free documents without overlooking their quality

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