2018 Business Trends

Sales projections, marketing campaigns, tax documents and other day to day business activities are on every business owners mind as the welcome a new year – and 2018 is no different. However, as they launch into 2018 these normal business activities are not the only thing on their minds, they are also thinking about major industry shifts, as well as any new technologies or trends on the rise that may significantly impact the way their business operate in the months to come. Every passing year requires us to be more knowledgeable, to be and do better, to be bigger, faster and strong than the year before – to do more than our predecessors did before us. Whether you’re a Digital Marketing Agency, a CEO or a freelance creative, everyone no matter what your field has to keep up with the rapid advancement of technologies and trends in their line of work. In order to stay current and up to date and to avoid the danger of being left behind, of being unrelatable and unable to resonate with your target market and provide them with your product or service we have put together a list of the biggest business trends in 2018 so can ensure that this year will be your best one.


A Freelance Workforce

We have already seen a huge influx of freelance employees in the workplace but as businesses move further into the new digital space the more we are going to see freelancer essentially taking over traditional employee business structures. Do some research into how you can fully optimize the freelancer you currently have working for you or how to promote remote work for your employees who have access to business portals from wherever they are.


Online Social Shopping

Online shopping is on the rise – in fact there is really nothing that you can buy online or through an ecommerce store. This new business trend will ultimately change the way we think about selling products and services as it is a relatively new channel of business. One that requires a different approach, with both challenges and opportunities to have new research, marketing strategies, as well as different ways to track and respond to the customers different wants and needs.


AI: Artificial Intelligence

We have all heard about artificial intelligence technology for years now, closely following debates among some of this generations greatest minds; Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and the powers and possibilities of AI. Although this technology has a lot of information circling it – both good and bad this year, 2018, AI impact will be felt more than ever in the way we do business. Deeming AI as a ‘business advantage’ as it helps mainly with different kinds of repetitive tasks to help make way for more creative, personalized customer content delivery. Its anticipated that 2018 businesses will have more demands from clients to build apps and business applications with artificial intelligence so that products are smarter, faster and more user friendly. 


Wellness & Wellbeing

The wellness and wellbeing trend in businesses is growing momentum quickly and 2018 is said to anticipate more focus put on health in work environments – as people seek more simplicity and balance in their lives. Focusing on working smarter not harder and having employees taking on more flexible roles, putting them in a unique position to be better influences on their health and wellbeing needs. After all most employees spend most of their waking time on a job than anywhere else. Business are now having to take different approaches – more radical ones – to confront stress inducing situations and implement long term, effective change beyond sleep and exercise.


Contact by Text

Customer services teams are increasingly being contacted over text, either by the Facebook app, IMessage or WhatsApp in hopes for a quicker more efficient means of communication. This offers another means of informal communication the provides immediate answers. It also gives a greater insight into what customers are actually expecting from your business. Customers are looking for a 24/7 experience and communication by text is able to tend to the ‘always-on’ customer who is comfortable with informal communication approaches to business.

There are so many new business advances and trends out there and they are always evolving. It is important as any business owner to stay informed and on top of these new industry developments. To be innovated in implementing the ones suitable to them into their current business model to ensure that they provide their customers with the best, most efficient customer experience, product or services that you could possibly offer them. Don’t get left behind implement these new developments into your business today.

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