Why You Must Include Inspirational Quotes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

So what catches your attention on social media, almost instantly?

Perhaps, a well-written and catchy quote? Yes?

Undoubtedly, inspirational quotes attract our attention and spread some positivity in this otherwise negative world.

We all are already fed up of manipulative, and angry political posts. And amid all this chaos, inspirational quotes definitely feel like a pleasant breeze.

But this is not just why inspirational quotes must be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. There are plenty of other reasons which will convince you of their usefulness. Let’s have a look.

  • Quotes are easy to digest and consume

Undoubtedly, social media has an enormous amount of content trying its best to capture our attention. All this has led to a sharp decline in our attention span.

This is perhaps why your users tend to engage better and wholeheartedly with content that is easy to consume and provide you with an easily digestible brief.

Although blogs and videos provide a lot of info, quotes highlight the important points. They do not demand a lot of attention from your users. Pause on for just 30 seconds, and move on, that’s all!

  • Quotes trigger an emotional response

Love them, or hate them – you simply cannot ignore them!

One of the best ways of engaging with people online is to interact with them emotionally. And this is what can be easily achieved with the help of inspirational quotes. They connect with your users emotionally and persuade them to take an action – like, comment or share.

This is perhaps why quotes have always been an effective medium to communicate from ages. In speeches, or in literature – quotes gain attention almost instantly and leave you interested.

  • Quotes help you in establishing your brand personality

No matter if you are a fitness center, or a gym, or a career coach, you can use inspirational quotes in your social media marketing strategy seamlessly.

The kind of stupid people quotes you post will definitely speak notches about your brand, and thus, it is important that you focus on your brand’s voice, and personality.

Avoid posting random quotes which are not related to your brand, as this might create chaos and confusion in your followers, and they might end up misinterpreting your brand.

  • Quotes translate to attractive visuals

Visual content is what gets the most traction when it comes to social media. Although text-only posts do receive love, but overall, visual posts tend to perform much better.

They drive better engagement and receive brownie points from social media algorithms. Inspirational quotes provide an easy way to make visuals, and this is another reason why you must have them in your marketing strategy!

The Wrap Up

Social media is bigger than you can imagine. To achieve success over here, it is necessary that you are able to connect to your audiences at a grass root level.

Do not believe that social media is just for posting call to actions that redirect to your business, or for posting links to articles. No, people need a much deeper and better relationship which can connect to them at an individual level.

Thus, it is highly recommended to harness the goodness of social media quotes and boost your social media marketing strategy on the go!

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