Best Tech Items That Make a Big Hit in CES 2016 – Part 1

CES 2016

The annual technology show, which is held in Las Vegas – namely CES 2016 – is only few days away. The global Consumer Electronic Show is scheduled to begin on January 06 and end on January 09, 2016. As the biggest consumer tech show to be held in 2016, many interesting tech products will be displayed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pre-show events has begun today until tomorrow.

What will make a big deal this year? As expected, some notable brands will still dazzles the show, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and hundreds of other producers, which provide various items from gadgets to cars. CES 2016 is the place to see the next-generation, must-have tech items. Are you looking for the smart phones, cars, apps, or accessories that will buzz the market this year? This is the place to see…

Most-Anticipated Car Items in CES 2016

Besides smarphones, it is predicted that cars and everything related Virtual Reality (VR) will attract most eyes in CES 2016. This is actually not something surprising, as both have been the focuses of attention during the last few weeks. Ok. Let’s discuss them by category. In this part, let’s see the cars that will make a big hit:

Faraday’s Future’s Concept Car

Some enthusiasts predict that Faraday Future will be one of the toughest rivals of Tesla. This speculation came to surface after it released some clips of its all-electronic concept car. The car will come in sporty design in both the interior and the exterior aspects and V-shaped headlight, which may look odd enough. Overall, the car looks so leak and cool. Is this that cool? Let’s see in its booth in Las Vegas.

BMW’s Future Driving Experience

No specific news whether BMW will show a brand-new car species this year. However, some upcoming themes to reflect into its high-end cars have been on the surface for some time. They include “Future Driving Experience”, Interior of teh Future, or “Future Mobility Solution” to name few of them.

Beside the themes, some stuffs, like ConnectedRide vehicle communication platform, will be integrated into its lines of cars. The same case applies for self-driving automobiles. These are not to mention cool features, like AirTouch (the upcoming gesture-based interface), which will allow you to control the features in your car only by hand swiping, without losing your concentration to the road.

Toyota’s Self-Driving Car

This may remind you on Google’s Self-Driving Car, which is now limited to prototype. Will Toyota make it real with a different concept? The way it works will not be much different from what Google has boosted. The car will rely much on the real-time images, 3D laser scanners that provide vehicle positional information, and GPS.

The fact is that the car will not make its way until around 2020. So, what Toyota will show in Las Vegas? Let’s just wait and see on its press conference, which will be held tomorrow.

Another autonomous car development project is being done by Mercedes. What will make it different from the competitors such as Toyota and Google’s? Let’s see whether it will make a big hit in CES 2016.

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