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Well, Soundcloud is one of the most popular music sharing website which gives the users full freedom of sharing and experiencing music in high qualities. A lot of users post new music everyday. So it is very hard for you if you are a new comer and searching for followers unless you visit But trust me, if you have quality music, you will get proper recognition. But getting this recognition needs to maintain some facts. Today I will discuss about some facts which a new comer should maintain to get a quick 1000 Soundcloud followers.



  • Make music regularly: Yeah, you have to make quality music regularly. Because a user will only follow you for your music. You should upload your music quite regularly in the beginning. And keep in mind that this music should be some of the best of yours. If first impression goes bad, then all your hard work will go in vain. So put your best afford in the music part. When you are a beginner, this should get more priority.
  • Build up connection and make friends: Soundcloud is not only a music sharing site but also a social media. So it is a network building website. The more friends you get the more followers will be added in your account. Keep good relations with them and tell them to spread your account to other friends of them. A good connection is always beneficial and helpful for you. And for starter, this is the best step to get known with everyone and getting more followers. So how will this strategy work? Find people of a good Soundcloud account. Like and comment on their song. Post them all over the internet. Then find that person on the Facebook and let them know that what you did and tell them that you want to help them. Do this for 10 persons in a week. See the result then.
  • Google Plus communities: Google Plus has a lot of communities for a specific genre. Your particular music genre will get you a lot people of the same music taste. This is helpful, isn’t it? There are also some communities of Soundcloud which got the motto of helping each other. So from these communities you will get followers just by becoming a member of their communities. They have some rules and by obeying these rules and regulations you will be able to make a good number of Soundcloud followers to buy within a very short time.
  • Facebook groups: Facebook has a more numbers of groups of music lovers than Google Plus. So here you just need to search for some groups of the same genre that you have. I will recommend you to join at least 10 groups of same genre as you. Then you have to post your tracks in these groups providing the valid link of that song regularly. I think you will get better result than G+. So you have to do this for several times and remember to post on every groups that you have been added.
  • Tagging: Now this is a very useful strategy I guess. The tags you use will be easier for people for searching a particular song. Tags make your song discoverable very easily. So this will help to find your music across all over the SoundCloud server. I have a trick for this tagging. I will recommend you to leave tags like below.

Ex- genre tags, related genre tag, artist name tags, record label tags, some adjective that will express the mood of your song etc.

  • Leave and respond back to comments: Soundcloud has comment option for uploaded music. To get more followers in SoundCloud I think comment option can play a vital role. What you have to do is very simple. Just try to comment in music comment option and make these comments clear. Use one or two full sentences. Also if someone leaves a comment on your music. Gently reply them. If they don’t like your music don’t be harsh. Just appreciate what they say. Remember this will express your behavior.
  • Use a great logo: Logo has the huge ability to express your professionalism to the audience. A great logo will help you to advertise your account everywhere. Remember that you should use one specific logo everywhere in online. Don’t use different logo in two different places. It is all about branding.
  • Try the remix version: Remix is one of the most popular and most searched genres of soundcloud. So my recommendation will be uploading a song with remix version. Do this for a quite a long time if you are a newbie. I hope you will get a good result by doing this. This trend is also a good genre to emerge up.
  • Use song description as a weapon: Attractive song description always gets maximum likes comments and shares. So you have to make sure your music description is both good and attractive. You can use emojis to make description attractive. This strategy is just a mind game. Play well.



So these are some most common and useful ways to buy more SoundCloud followers. Remember if you have merits, you will surely get a huge follower in a very short time. But these steps are some fundamental tricks to get notified by the followers in shortest time. Thank you very much.


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