How to Make Your YouTube Video Viral

Watching a video on YouTube has become people’s habit these days. You also do that, right? This is also the reason why many companies and individual video maker try to use this online platform to show their video. They know that this is one of the most effective media to get audiences for the video that they made. From a business point of view, YouTube has become the most effective promotion media.

But, it doesn’t mean that uploading your video on YouTube will give you a result. You need to do a creative youtube promotion for your videos. Get as many views and attention as you can. Then, you will see the result. Unfortunately, that’s not something easy to do. But, you don’t need to worry. We have tips you can try to improve the result from your YouTube promotion.

Optimize Your YouTube Video

Yes, you hear it right. You need to do the optimization on your YouTube video, just like what you do on blog or website content to make it easy to find on search engine page. How to do that? You need to use a keyword. Put the keyword in your video title. Use Meta description and put another keyword in it. If you can do that correctly, your video will be easier to find. And, that will increase your video views.

Create Best Title

We don’t say that you have to create a weird and odd title. But, the title must be easier to understand and describe what your audience will get from your video. For example, if you plan to make a video tutorial for creating a T-Rex model on Blender, you can’t use a too long and complicated title.

The “How to Make T-Rex 3D Model Using Blender 3G” title is the good, but not the effective and optimized title. The best title is “Blender Tutorial: T-Rex 3D Modeling”. This short and compact title will help the audience to find out easily what they can get from it.

The Thumbnail

Thumbnail is also important. Most internet users use the YouTube app to watch the video on YouTube. And, unlike browser that can show the part of the video, the app only shows the thumbnail. If you can make an interesting and tempting thumbnail, you can get more views and a good result for your promotion.

For creating an interesting thumbnail, you need to use the right color and design. It doesn’t have to be a bright color. Just make sure the background color can make the main object and text you want to show in the thumbnail look stand out. You also need to add an interesting and appealing text.

However, you can’t just put interesting and unique thumbnail for your video. The most important thing you need to remember here is, do not mislead your audience. There are many videos on YouTube to get a bad response because of the thumbnail problem.

Social Media

Promoting your YouTube video on social media is also a good idea. If you have many followers, you can use your social media account to invite more viewers. This method also helps your video can be easily found and indexed on the search engine page.

Blog and Website

If you have a blog or website, you also can use this media to promote your YouTube video. For example, you can create content or article related to your YouTube video. Then, you use that video as reference to help your reader easily understand what you write in that content. This will help you to increase the views number.

Using Forum

Promote your YouTube video on many forums. You don’t need to embed or give a link on your post. You can use your YouTube video or channel link on your user profile or signature. Then, you just need to post a lot of comment in that forum. Of course, you need to post a good post, in order to avoid to be seen as a spammer.

You also need to choose the forum or thread that related to your video. That way the chance to get viewer is higher than posting it on a random forum. Moreover, they can even become a loyal viewer. So, you also get long term benefit from it.

YouTube Promotion Service

The last but not least, you can use youtube promotion service, for example, You just need to pay for their service. And, this service will promote your YouTube video. You don’t need to worry about their service. It’s not illegal and they use real people to view your video. Therefore, with this method and all the methods we explained before, you can make your channel and video views grow naturally.

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