How Reverse Image Search can simplify life

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The continuous progress in technology has made it possible for almost all of us to live comfortable and luxurious lives. The things that used to be a long tiring process have now become so simplified that they are done literally before the bat of an eyelash. One such handy yet simple innovation is the Similar image search. At present, not many people know about it, but it is fast becoming very popular. I can guarantee that once you start using it you will be addicted to it and there will be no going back.

I’ll start off by briefly telling you how reverse image search works, followed by which is the best reverse image search engine and its benefits that can be applied in your daily lives.

Reverse Image Search is the process to put up a picture in the search bar instead of text (like we do on Google, Yahoo, etc.) and search for similar images. The links that appear allows you to trace information such as the owner and the origin of the image. It also shows all similar and related images.

So where is this magic search bar? There are several reverse image search engines available online. I had been looking for one that would check my image against an extensive database of images and hence provide me with detailed results. Luckily I came across the website and boy did it come as a pleasant surprise. This website was all dreamed of in terms of SEO tools. It has everything from a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, PDF to Word, article writer and reverse image search to name a few. The reverse image search tool is absolutely free of cost. You do not need to pay a single penny nor do you have to sign up for it. You can simply start off by looking up any image against the existing photos from a database of millions of images.

I will quickly highlight some of the most prominent advantages of reverse image search and how it has a positive impact on our everyday life.

Easy accessibility

As explained before, this tool is available at free of cost. The reverse image search does not require any signup and is not only accessible on your desktop and your laptop but also on your phone. It can be downloaded free from the Google play store and the Apps store for your Android and iOS devices respectively. This makes it easy for you to search any image at any given time.

Looking up recipes

You are a decent cook, and you like to experiment now and then with new recipes to concoct lavish meals at home. You have come across a picture of some mouth-watering dish on the internet, but there’s no link available that tells the name of the dish or its recipe. What do you do then? Simple. Post that picture in the reverse photo search and trace the comprehensive details of not only the name but also recipe details as well.

Expose fake media profiles

We have all gotten friend requests from strangers at some time or the other. What if it’s a legitimate profile of a friend who you haven’t seen for years and hence can’t recall? Well, thanks to reverse image search now you can differentiate between real and fake profiles. All you need to do is search the pictures available in their account for the legitimacy of the respective image. Reverse image search will identify the fake accounts for you and make sure you do not miss an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend.

Keeps a check on plagiarism

Assume that you are an IT professional; say a photographer or a blogger. You work very hard to create unique images, but there are others in the same profession who are using your work and taking credit for it without as much as lifting a finger. How do you catch them? Simply use reverse photo search to see who is using your images without your permission.

In short, reverse image search is a strategy that you can include in your daily life and benefit from it. This tool is very simple and quick to use. So check out reverse image search on Small SEO Tools today, you can use it on your phone as well. Let me know what was the first image you searched?

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