Tips and Trick for Google+

Google+ is a social media from Google that can be an option for you who are getting bored with the usual social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This social media is having almost the same content like those two social media, but Google+ is believed by many people that it has the better sharing content than the other competitor. There are some tips that you can practice in using this social media from Google. Here are the tips and tricks.

1. Mention or Tag Users. You can simply mention or tag the other friends in Google+ by simply press the “@” button on the keyboard. This button is just for the friends on your circle. Meanwhile for the other friends in Google+, you can tag or mention them by using the “+” button.

2. Keyboard Shortcut. As like the other Google’s products and the other competitors, Google+ is also completed with the shortcuts to make the users are easier. For getting the keyboard shortcut list, you can visit the homepage of the Google+ stream and press shift + ? (question mark). The other useful shortcut is the “j” button. This shortcut can bring you to the next post. The shortcut “k” is for scrolling the stream page.

3. Unsubscribe the Notification. Sometimes the dialog that is too long is will be disturbing, especially when the users were already stopped talking about the main topic and change to the other topic that is not having any relationship with the main topic. For stopping or unsubscribing the new comment, you can open the followed post. Direct your mouse above it until the dropdown menu in the upper right appears. Click and choose “mute post”.

4. Sending Message. Use the Hangouts is the easiest way to send the personal message. Hangouts is integrated with Google+ so you can send the text message or video in the chat form. However there is the other way that will be useful especially when you are in the rush. You can make a post as usual, but delete the post to the circle, public, etc in the bottom of the post. When you made the post, mention the people that you want. That post will be only can be read by the people that you were mentioned.

5. Finding All the Uploaded GIF Pictures. There is a cool feature that is unknown. Google+ is collecting all the GIF pictures that are uploaded and shared in a gallery. This sub-feature is on your photo page. Open the photo page (Google+ photos) and search with the keyword “motion”.

6. Checking a Post’s Activity. Google+ is giving a chance for you to check the activities of a post. As same with the “mute post” feature, this feature is also located in the dropdown menu in the upper right of each post. You can simply click the “view post activity” and you will know the activity of a post that you want to know.

These tricks above can make you easier while you are using the Google+. So you can practice it sometimes, Good luck!

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