Marketing Translation Services Dubai: Why You Need A Company Not To Make Mistakes

Marketing Translation

Marketing is a very broad and specific segment, and the translation of articles, documents and other content needs to be done by professionals.

We are all impacted by daily marketing actions. Whether from that fast food giant, the shampoo and conditioner sales leader or the neighborhood butcher, it’s impossible to escape them.

However, marketing is not just that. We, as consumers, see only the tip of the iceberg, but there is a series of data, studies, techniques, practices and knowledge behind the actions that impact us.

As with practically all segments, the biggest news in marketing comes from outside the country, and waiting until they are available in Portuguese can be very expensive for any company.

For this reason, many of them need marketing translation , but not all resort to a professional service, a choice that does not take due importance and can result in a big problem.

Knowing the importance of choosing a specialized translation services will not only help you make the best decision, but will also help you understand what are the reasons that should lead to this.

Why Does Marketing Translation Need To Be Done By Professionals?

First of all, it should be noted that all translation services that are done by a professional are much better than those performed by other people or by software, a fact that unfortunately is not always taken into account.

The comparison of automatic translations and crowdsourcing x professional translators is done by several people and companies, which unfortunately choose one of the first two alternatives, but this is a bad decision.

We know that technology advances more and more with each passing day, and that just pasting a text into an internet translation tool for it to be translated. The big problem lies in the efficiency of this translation.

This becomes even more latent when it comes to marketing translation, since the segment has a series of words in English, but which are used by its professionals and, therefore, should not be translated literally.

Deadline, budget, briefing and brainstorming are some of those words, which are easily understood even by those who do not work in marketing, but translating them could make it very difficult to understand.

The first two, “deadline” and “budget”are understandable, but no one speaks “instruction” and “brainwash” (in the literal translation) to refer to the last two, which could cause serious problems.

Suppose your company chose a recent study, which came out in an international magazine, and decided to translate and make it available to the public. Finding any of these terms would totally tarnish your company’s image.

Nor will we go into the merits of crowdsourcing, which is an initiative in which a group of people share a job, since a good translation needs to be done by an experienced team, and not by people who don’t even know each other.

Therefore, if your company wants a good marketing translation, it must be done by a specialized company that really understands the subject.

How is the Translation of Marketing Terms Done?

There are several different translation services , which must be chosen according to each need. For example, the translation of a document is different from that of a scientific article, both in the techniques used and in the procedures adopted.

The translation of marketing fits the technical, a leading translation services available on the market, which also includes the areas of chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, law and engineering, among others.

The name of this service already says a lot about how it works: it deals with technical subjects, from dissertations and theses to manuals, scientific articles and other studies.

Still, many people wonder why they should hire a technical translator, since in their conception the service may not be necessary, but this is a totally wrong line of reasoning.

What differentiates technical translation from other types of translation is precisely the presence of technical terms, which are not always part of the vocabulary of anyone who is not a true translation professional.

As seen in the examples above, it is not enough just to understand the language in which the content will be translated, but it is also important to understand about the marketing area, to understand which terms must be translated and which are not.

In addition, marketing translation must also take into account regional and historical expressions, which must also not be translated literally to be understood.

For example, if the phrase “even the worst businesses have their silver lining” appears in a marketing article, it would be absolutely wrong to translate this as “even the worst businesses have their silver lining”. It doesn’t make any sense.

So, to be able to do a marketing translation, it is not enough just to know how to pass the words from one language to another, but to think about what provides the best possible experience for a native speaker of that language.

How to Choose a Good Marketing Translation Company?

Now that we understand how important it is to hire the service of a professional, there is still the question: how to choose the best company?

For this, it is important to pay attention to certain details. In this case, one of the ones that can make the most difference is to know marketing translation services that have already been carried out by the company in question.

By verifying that it has already served large clients and offered high quality work, it will be possible to trust the company much more and know that it will also be able to serve you efficiently.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the time of experience. Companies that have been in the market for many years prove that their services are excellent and have made them a reference in the industry.

Whatever your company’s need with regard to marketing, don’t risk hiring people or companies without proper competence. The cost of this choice can be quite high.

Therefore, always look for a company specialized in technical translation , which can give you all the certainty you need. Thus, the marketing translation will be perfect and all your expectations will be exceeded!

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