Everything You Need to Know About Your Company Vision

Does your firm have a clear company vision? If so, could you explain it to a stranger? Does it include money, success, a happy work force, will it leave a legacy?

If you’ve included any of the above you’re already ahead of the curve.

Most firms are lucky if they even pay lip service to their company vision. Others will hastily decide on a few cliched phrases without really considering how the statement relates to the firm. But even those firms who did start off with a clear vision will neglect it over time. They’ll either forget it and pay less and less attention to it forcing them to deviate from their own words, or they will forget to update it as the business grows. Imagine a multi-national multi-million dollar company with the same vision it employed when it was a one man band operating out of a shoe box.

Lack of Vision

If you don’t have a clear vision for your company you’re missing some vital tricks. A company vision can be the fuel to fire that starter motor, a motivational mantra to propel you onwards and a guiding rail to keep you on track. Conversely, companies without a clear ethos can struggle to move forward. A lack of vision can even lead to financial difficulties.

Blurred Vision

Companies who do not have a clear vision often tend to wander off at tangents when they need to be direct. Although it may only be a few words, your company’s vision is your blueprint, your grand design, your DNA.

New Vision

As your firm grows and evolves so must your vision. A good strong ethos should inspire and motivate. It is the banner under which your team can gather, your competitors should envy and one which your customers should trust.  Naturally, as your firm grows and changes so should that message. Although it’s important to stay with your core beliefs and, if anything, enshrine them into a bigger vision.

Shared Vision

When you get it right your firm’s vision will align your team and it should, therefore, be something which appeals to everyone. We each share different motivations and as we charge full tilt into the millennium those driving factors appear to be changing. For many, and for the first in a long time, making an impact is more important than money and making a difference is more important than a new car and big house.  When revisiting your vision remember to seek advice from others. It can still be your dream, but if you can find others to share your dream you can make it even more empowering and even more captivating.

Double Vision

Be clear in your purpose and although it’s a good idea to consider advice, don’t be bullied or coerced into choosing the wrong vision. A strong message will unite and embolden your team and those you do business with, whereas a mixed or a vague message will just confuse.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Vision

Too often we get distracted by the world in general. It’s too easy to find yourself knee deep in paper work, new technology and administration. When we lose sight of our vision, we run the risk of neglecting its message. Your firm began with a clear purpose and that purpose was captured by your vision and if you lose focus what is there to keep you going. It’s may only be a few choice words, but in that text is the essential manual which keeps your firm moving. Don’t drop the ball.


Some folks are better at putting words together than others and there’s no shame in seeking some advice in creating yours. A good copywriter or PR type should be able to take your ideas and spin them into gold. You’ll know when you get there.

Eyes on the Prize

In summary, there is more to your company’s vision than filling space on your office stationary. Take your time to establish exactly what that vision is and if need be hire a professional to hone the message. Once you have decided on your vision, incorporate it into the way you do business, make sure your team understand it and with luck they will get behind it. As your firm evolves revisit it and don’t be afraid of changing it. As long as the core principle remains it should be allowed to evolve as your firm evolves.  When the financial weather changes and your firm is struggling, remember to stay true to your vision and this can save you losing sight of your purpose and squandering resources and looking for short terms fixes.

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