How to Overcome iTunes Not Detecting iPhone and Error 3194

iTunes is also one of the music streaming services that can experience problems at any time. Two of the problems that are often experienced by iPhone users are iTunes Not Detecting iPhone and error 3194 notification. No need to worry when faced with a 3194 error problem as such an event is quite easy to overcome. You only need to edit the host file properly. Indeed, there are many tools that you can use, but the easiest and safest tool that can overcome this problem is dr.fone.

dr.fone application is highly recommended, because in addition to user-friendly, you can still keep all data safely during recovery process. Not only is it able to fix the iTunes Not Detecting iPhone problem, the application can also be used to:

– Improve more than 100 types of problems and errors that occur in iTunes, including installation, updates, synchronization / connection, recovery, backup and various other problems.
– Repair iTunes without losing data at all. If you use conventional methods, you will lose some or all of the data that you have on your iPhone device.

– With just 1 click, the iTunes service will experience a significant increase.
– Match all versions of iTunes, from the old version to the most recent one.

One of the advantages possessed by the application is that it has a simple menu display so that any user can make their own repairs without the help of the expert on all the problems that occur, including frustrating iTunes Not Detecting iPhone 3194 error problems.

Please note that in order to fix the problems, users do not have to make complex settings that cause other new problems. With just one click, dr.fone can fix all kinds of problems related to installing & updating on iTunes. The following points are easy steps that you can follow:

How to Overcome iTunes Not Detecting iPhone

The first step to do is download the dr.fone application – iTunes Repair first

Then, open the application that you just downloaded and click the Install button to begin the process of installing the application on your PC or Laptop. You need to wait for a while.

Note: This application can run well on Windows / MacOS-based Computers / Laptops

If the installation process has been completed, please open the application and connect your iPhone device to the computer. Then, please go to the Repair menu and click the download button first. Wait a while until the menu can be fully opened.

Next you will be directed to a new tab, please click the iTunes Repair menu on the far left bar. After that, you will find 3 simple menus, including Repair iTunes Errors, Repair iTunes Connection Issues, and Repair Syncing Error. In that option, we just select Repair iTunes Errors, because error 3194 is indeed located in that section.

Then, in just a few moments all your basic problems have been overcome. Indeed you can click OK here to complete the repair, but we recommend clicking the Advanced Repair button, to make further improvements.

This advanced repair process takes longer. However, you just have to wait, not to do various difficult and complicated arrangements. If the iTunes Repair Completed notification appears, the repair is complete. Please click the OK button to close it.

As mentioned earlier, the application dr.fone – iTunes Repair is not only able to fix 1 problem, but hundreds of problems that occur can be solved easily by the application. The example is just like the corrective steps above which can make improvements to the following problems:

– The problem with the Windows iTunes installation package
– Can’t install iTunes on Windows OS
– iTunes 0xc00007b error in Windows 8
– The iTunes application can’t be opened in Windows 7 and an error appears (0xc00007b)
– iTunes can’t update to the latest version
– iTunes Installation Error
– Error 3194 when doing iTunes recovery and updates on iPhone, iPad and iPod
– Error iTunes 14 when you want to increase the iPhone and iPad

The recovery process doesn’t take a long time in this process, with just a few steps and just a little time, all of your problems can be solved sophisticated and smartly thanks to the application; dr.fone – iTunes Repair.

In the end, do not worry and bother to think about all the problems that occur on your iPhone, leave everything to dr.fone, then everything will be OK and your iPhone / iTunes will return to normal condition as before. In addition, more importantly, this application can also restore your lost data due to various causes. Hopefully this article can help solve the problems that you often face on your iPhone device.

Good luck and thank you for the attention.

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