Effective Ways How Folded Business Cards Could Promote Your Business and Boost Sales

BUsiness Cards

During the days when smartphones and LinkedIn did not exist, business cards seemed to be the only effective way of exchanging vital information at any networking event. As per https://www.forbes.com, besides its practical utility, the business card was used to flaunt your unique style right from the color schemes to the font and paper stock. Even though business cards are still serving all these functions, you have access to innumerable digital alternatives for keeping track of contacts and showcasing your brand. Many of you keep wondering if business cards are still in vogue or simply a sheer waste of paper. 

Most business owners and professionals are using the standard 3.5 inches x 2 inches dimensional business cards to distribute among clients and prospective clients. However, you could promote your business and boost overall sales when you use a folded business card. These sorts of versatile business cards would be doubling the value of your overall marketing real estate. The response rate is bound to be doubled. Let us explore effective ways of promoting your business and boosting sales with folded visiting cards.

Folded Visiting Cards Help in Differentiating Your Brand

Your brand must necessarily resonate with your precise target audience and steal the show in comparison to all other competitors, remember folded business cards in conjugation with unique die-cutting could help in differentiating your unique brand. You may: 

  • Print your tagline all along the bottom of your card’s inside panel. Moreover, you could get the front panel strategically cut back just about enough for revealing it.
  • Have a fascinating cut-out that would be playing with the colors of the inside paneling. This could be the perfect way of demonstrating your logo.
  • Design your business cards in some other unique shapes for making your business cards far more enticing and visually exciting.

Convert the Inside Effectively into a Coupon

You could consider turning the back panel strategically into a coupon or maybe a special service or product promotion that comes with a specific coupon code for generating sales. Offering customers an impressive discount is certainly a wonderful way of convincing customers to retain your business card, go to your store or browse your website and also motivate direct sales.

Consider Creating a Mini Catalog or Service Listing

You could consider turning the inside of the business card efficiently into a mini catalog or service listing that displays all your services and products, or even reflect and highlight your strong points, what you are known to be best at.  This space could alternatively be used for explaining reasons your brand stands apart from the rest. You may start listing benefits of purchasing from you. Moreover, you could tell the entire story regarding your business and reasons you seem to be the best pick in your industry.

Boost Email Subscribers and Encourage More Social Media Likes

Your folded business card could be treated as competent lead generation machine simply by offering a freebie discount coupon, or also exclusive content. Thus, you could get extra platforms for follow-up marketing.


You must consider making appointments very much on the spot, your business card could serve as an appointment reminder. A folded business card is not expensive.

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