The Important Things You Need to Know about KITAS Indonesia

Do you have a plan to work and stay in Indonesia? If you do, the very first thing is to know government’s policy related to foreigners who work or stay in the country. Among several things to prepare, KITAS Indonesia is one that you should keep in mind. KITAS is your limited stay permit which is valid for six month until one year. Without this permit, the chance is you will get trouble during your stay in this country especially for long term.

Here, you are about to know almost anything about KITAS. Understanding more about limited stay permit helps figure out how it works and what you need to do to get one. For example, Indonesia government will only publish KITAS if you have Indonesian sponsorship. This will be difficult if you do not know the regulation earlier. Therefore, stay tuned and get as much information as you need about KITAS.

Types of KITAS Indonesia

Generally, Indonesian government offers free tourist visa which is valid for 30 days for most countries. In case you need to stay longer for various purposes, KITAS is what you need. Overstaying and failure to show KITAS will be imposed with maximum fine 500,000,000 IDR and 5 years imprisonment. Considering this regulation, it is a must to proceed your Indonesian KITAS before your tourist visa expired. When it comes to limited stay permit, there are some types of KITAS that are available in Indonesia.

According to the most updated information from the government, there are 3 most common types that can be proceeded by foreigners who would like to stay and work in Indonesia:

  1. KITAS work visa

The first type is work visa, in which it requires sponsorship from Indonesian organization or company registered in the country. It also includes foreign-owned company, Indonesian-owned company, public institution, or representative office. To acquire this type of KITAS Indonesia, you will need to obtain working permit by confirming your position and company location. Your permit duration will be adjusted to your job position. The Indonesian sponsor should be responsible for visa applications in case the applicants are not able to do so.

  1. KITAS marriage visa

If you married to an Indonesian and decided to stay in Indonesia, you will need to obtain KITAS marriage visa. The sponsor is your spouse to get KITAS family visa. Please note that marriage visa is not the same as working visa. Therefore, you can only stay in the country but not working. After acquiring KITAS marriage and you decide to permanently stay in Indonesia, you are allowed to apply for KITAP (permanent residence visa). This can only be done 2 years after your marriage.

  1. KITAS retirement visa

The last type of KITAS Indonesia is retirement visa. This is a visa that can be used to stay in Indonesia only if you are 55 years old or older. In case you wish to spend the rest of your life in Indonesia, you are allowed to enter the country using tourist visa then proceed KITAS retirement afterwards. This kind of visa is very popular among expatriate, and Bali is the most chosen island due to its tourist attractions and beauty. Whenever you apply for this visa, you are not allowed to work at all in Indonesia.

Things to Know about KITAS Indonesia

Now you know that there are 3 different types of KITAS which can be used for different purpose. However, it is not enough to help you proceed the limited stay permit in the country. There are many other things that foreigner should know about KITAS as follow:

  1. Who are eligible

Do you think Indonesian government will publish KITAS Indonesia for anyone? No, they will not. The government will decide whether or not you are eligible to get limited stay permit according to the purpose. People who are eligible for KITAS Indonesia include:

  • Foreign worker invited by Indonesian company
  • Foreign investors who do business with government or private company
  • Foreign worker receiving training
  • Foreign who is married to Indonesian citizen
  • Former Indonesian who wants to re-immigrate
  1. Things to prepare before arrival

You should know that processing KITAS might be overwhelming and stressful. There are many steps and documents that you need to prepare, whether before or after arrival. Make sure you prepare these things before arriving in Indonesia.

  • Submit visa application at Indonesian consulate in your country
  • Provides Expatriate Placement Plan
  • Apply for TA-01 for recommendation
  • Apply VITAS
  1. Things to do after arrival

Whenever you come to Indonesia, there are more things that you should do to proceed KITAS Indonesia. The process include applying for KITAS within 3 days after arrival, preparing documents such as Indonesian sponsor’s ID, passport, and photographs on red background. You also need to report to immigration office. When there is no problem, your KITAS will be ready within 30 days.

In short, KITAS Indonesia is a limited stay permit that every foreigner who work or stay should have. Even though the making process is quite stressful, you do not have other option to work and stay legally in this country.

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