Table football – guaranteed entertainment for your event


Who doesn’t know them? The boring events, where you keep your eyes on the clock, counting the seconds until it is finally over. With table soccer this is not the case. Everyone likes to play table football. Everyone knows it and everyone can do it. High-quality foosball tables offer fun for young and old. Whether at a company event or a private event, a foosball table can exceed all expectations. No matter which event you plan, a soccer table is always an eye-catcher.

The drinks are cold-set, the food is also already at the start. Only one thing missing for the perfect party is a table soccer table! Table football is available in various shapes, colours and sizes. You can also choose whether you want to rent a foosball table for indoor or outdoor use. For outdoor use, table football tables made of weather-resistant polymer concrete or thermoplastic synthetic resin. If it is to be a table football table for the public area, table football tables made of stable and high-quality wood, with reinforced walls and scratch-resistant surface are suitable. In addition, spare parts, such as balls, figures or plug-in bearings, are usually easy to reorder.

Where can I rent a foosball table?

Fun is the most important thing when you rent a foosball table. In addition to the fun factor, the following factors count: reaction skills, tactics and technique. To prevent the ball from disappearing and players from cheating, there are also tables with glass tops above the playing surface. Whether you play one on one, or in teams of four. Exciting matches are guaranteed. No matter how many players you play with. If you’re looking to rent a decent foosball table in Germany, you should have a look at the kickerprofis page.

On numerous platforms you can rent countless table football tables. Of course, you get a standard variant with four sticks per side. If you are planning an exciting soccer tournament, a professional tournament soccer table is recommended, which also meets the highest demands and thus offers the best conditions for an exciting game.

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