Everything You Need to Know to Purchase The Right Lawnmower

Finding it difficult to choose the right mower for your lawn? No need to worry, because our handy guide will help you to find an appropriate option that will take care of your lawn as its own. Use the given suggestions, so that you can make the lawn cutting session more comfortable as well as enjoyable. 

Step 1: Choose the type

The first task is to select between walk-behind or riding mower. The former is suitable for lawn wherein you don’t have a lot of walking. On the other hand, ride-on mowers work great for large areas. Even if you want to finish the lawn mowing session faster, you can choose a riding grass cutter. 

Step 2: Select power, price range, and movement type

Once you know what is the suitable type for your yard, decide the budget. The price range will be the first decision-maker because you will see huge price differences among the lawnmower depending upon the fuel type, make and model. The next factors are durability, ease of use, versatility, and comfort. 

Now, the next question is; How much is the motor power you need? Well, it depends upon the size of your lawn. Large area means you would require a powerful mower that can cover an entire ground. Talking about other functions, we will start with the walk-behind mowers. 

Walk-behind mowers are available in a variety of designs, price ranges, and features. Powerful mowers with high-end features often come with a high price tag. It’s the reason why you should know the features that will be useful for your lawn and save yourself from spending extra on a model. So, let us know the functions one by one.

Drive type

Want to make your mowing life easier? Then choose a self-propelled mower over push-styles. A self-propelled mower uses a drive wheel, either front or rear to move forward. So, it never asks you to apply physical force. Then, there are push style front and rear wheel drives. Each of them offers a different set of advantages. So, let us discuss them one by one.

  • Front-wheel drive: As it’s easy to understand from the name, front wheels are responsible for the movement in all the front-wheel-drive mowers. Such a grass-cutting tool smoothly goes through shrubs, trees or any other obstacles. You can try Troy-Bilt Front Wheel Drive Mower, which is reliable and robust and also includes a rear roller. Due to the powerful 159cc OHV engine, it gives you unmatched cutting performance and also restores the nutrients using the mulch plug.
  • Rear-wheel drive: Best for lawns with slopes, hills or valleys, rear-wheel-drive mowers are driven by their rear wheels. Such a lawn tool is less maneuverable than front-wheel drives. Hence, these mowers are only suitable for open space with fewer tricks and turns. 

Lawn-Boy 17732 is one of the best rear-wheel-drive lawnmowers that is simple to use and provides you with excellent results. 

  • All-wheel drive: An uncommon variant, 4×4 or all-wheel drive mowers are preferred by users who owns a lawn with side hills, steep uphill, or terrains wherein absolute is required for movement. Came into existence late, but all-wheel drives are powerful and come handy on rough grounds. 

Check the Troy-Bilt TB490 that comes with a powerful 190cc Honda engine. Hence, it can handle harsh mowing conditions as well, including the rough or wet grasses. 

Step 3: Think about the grass clippings

What do you want to do with the grass cuttings? Lawnmowers come with a rear storage box and discharge that can be side or rear. Some of the mowers can also mulch the grass clippings to revert some nutrients to the soil. So, choose a mower according to its grass management mechanism. Rear discharge and collection are common with all the electric or petrol mowers. However, if you need side discharge or mulching ability, then look for these features while browsing lawnmowers. 

Then comes the riding mowers. If you have a significant lawn, storage space and flexibility to extend your lawn budget, then go for a ride on mower. Hey, we are not making a negative statement about the walk behind mower. However, when it comes to mowing a large garden with full speed and complete efficiency, there is nothing better than a riding mower.

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