The Unique Gadgets on 2015

As we know, there are many brand new gadgets nowadays on 2015. Many of these gadgets are having the “normal” shape like what a gadget should have. However, did you know that there are also many gadgets that have the unique design? The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 that is held in Spain some days ago provides many unique gadgets that are shown to the public by many big providers. Below is the information about the unique gadgets on 2015 that maybe will become your consideration to buy one of these gadgets.

1. Runcible Smartphone. The other name of this smart phone is the “stone smartphone”. This is because the shape of this smart phone is similar to the coral stone. This smart phone has the color like the gem stone in the common but the shape of this smart phone is made similar with the pocket watch with the round shape. It has a camera in the center of the smart phone. This unique device has the standard features like the other smart phones such as telephone, check and browsing.

stone smartphone

2. AVG Invisibility Glasses. These glasses are the modern and latest glasses device. Do you thing that every glass is invisible? The meaning of the invisibility in these glasses is that the glasses are having a censor that will make you to be unseen or undetected when there is a camera that does the face detection. The feature or censor on these glasses will block all the access from the camera with the face detection application. This detection feature is the same like what you meet in Facebook.


3. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. As we know that Xiaomi is a newcomer in the smart phone world. However, this time Xiaomi is not introducing the smart phone in the MWC 2015 Event. Xiaomi is decided to introduce a camera with the high technology that has a big resolution up to 16 mp. It is beyond the standard DSLR camera in the common. The features that are owned by this small camera with only 72 grams weight are the image processor Ambarella ATLS that is combined with the CMOS Sony Exmor R BSI censor. This combination make this camera has an ability to record the full HD video with the 1080p resolution with the 60 fps speed.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

4. Wireless Charger with Furniture (IKEA Phone Charging Furniture). In the WMC 2015 event, IKEA as a famous producer in this world is trying to combine the charging wireless with the Qi base to all the furniture’s that they owned. This Sweden furniture company is having a corporation with the famous smart phone company, Samsung, to develop this new technology. This high technology product later will make you easier to charge your smart phone with the WiFi mode by only placing it in a table or chair that is used this technology.
That is the information about the unique gadgets on 2015. All of these gadgets are seemed not to be sold in public, but there still a possibility that these gadgets will be offered for public.

IKEA Phone Charging Furniture

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