4 Tips to Success the Personal Branding on Facebook

Facebook is a free social media which allows you to communicate with many people out there. Not only family, but also you can make new friends with virtual communication. It also means that you can introduce your product and brand to the world by using this social media. Besides, there are over 600 million users that you can reach as long as you make effective and efficient marketing strategy.

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1. Make unique vanity URL
Vanity URL is customizable. It means that you are allowed to change your URL as long as you did not change it yet after registering your new account. After the vanity URL is set by you then you cannot change them in future. You can try to put your email such as facebook.com/saracaplin. And you have to remember that facebook will create new email for you and it would be saracaplin (at) facebook.com.

2. Look up to the privacy setting
Privacy setting allows you to set whoever can see your post. Since you will receive many friend requests, they can see your whole post if you do not change the setting. You can also manage certain friend that you do not want them to know your post in this tool. This social media is great at branding and picking people who you do like and you do not.

3. Put a professional profile picture
Managing the social media as the branding facilities is a great way. And to make them more effective, you can use the same profile picture and username from one social media to another. It will make your audiences more easily to recognize you. But, you have to make sure that the professional things should be relevant with your product and brand. Do not put the mountaineering things if you have the shoe brand.

4. Do not forget to complete the professional details
This step will absolutely make your brand more visible to the market or at least your friends. Putting your company name or brand you are working on will be the great way. Besides, you have to fill what you do now for living and what you are in it. This is one of the features of promoting tool of Facebook.

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