Social Media vs Movies

How many social media apps do you have on your phone? the count must be definitely more than one, today’s generation is not satisfied with just one social media app, or account they want to be seen and heard everywhere, it has become a trend to check your social media feeds before you go to sleep and after you wake up, the first thing a person does is checks his/her phone to see how many likes or hearts their content has received, what kind of comments or response they are getting from the followers and friends, in all this most of the people have forgotten to enjoy movies, before social media started gaining such popularity, people used to consider watching a movie a good way of entertainment or they used to wander outside and hang out just for the fun of it.

Today almost everyone forgets to enjoy the beauty that nature is and concentrate on clicking the perfect selfies, or pictures so that they can post it on these social media sites, and what is the benefit of that? That it makes you feel good for a moment? or are a number of likes going to make you decide how good your holiday was? It’s okay to share, but spending your entire day on such social networking sites can be toxic and addictive.  And there are a lot of privacy concerns that you have to face with social media sites, even if they take security measures sometimes they are just not enough.

Movies are kind of a solution to take care of this social media addiction, there are so many types of movies you can watch, horror if you want to experience thrill and fear, comedies if you just want to laugh out loud on the crazy antiques of the comic character, or you can fall in the love with the lead of the romantic movies. Either way, movies have a habit of transferring you to another world, just watch a movie for fun of it, don’t go to the movie theater, or post about it online, just keep this tidbit to yourself it will be for your secret enjoyment, it doesn’t need to be shared with everyone.

You don’t even have to go outside just build yourself a blanket fort or find a comfortable place to sit and find one of the Free Movie Streaming Sites and you can choose any genre you feel like and enjoy it for that day. You can even have marathons of your favorite movie series, some of these free movie streaming sites also have tv series that you can watch. There are so many options that will make you feel alive. Watching movies is actually a pretty good idea, it has a quite a few advantages:

Stress Buster – Things don’t always work out in life, and you might be stressed about a lot of things, a movie distracts you from some of those unnecessary worries, they take you to a new world where you can go on the adventures with the movie characters and leave all the worries behind.

Inspiration – There are times when movie characters turn out to be the biggest inspiration of our life, a fashion designer might get the idea for his/her next collection from any aspect of that movie, or the characters values might be something the viewer might feel like adopting, there are some  movies that have been crate don the life of some inspirational characters, and those are the ones to look for if you go looking for inspiration movies online at some Free Movie Streaming Sites.

Laughter- Okay stop right there and think when was the last time that you laughed out loud without being conscious about it? Movies are a great way to enjoy laughing without thinking twice about it.You get so involved in the characters life that you won’t have time to wonder how you look when you are laughing.

Spreading Awareness – There are some topics that everyone needs to be aware of, and a great way to spread awareness about it is by creating movies on such topics, no matter what age a person is movies are something that an entire family can watch together. And in this way, each and every person of the family will find out about such topics.

Enjoy your movies and get a life outside of social media, it is not healthy either for your mind or physical state.

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