Easy Tips To Clean Your Car Interior

clean your car interior

Buying your dream car is a huge step but maintaining it the right way and ensuring that it maintains the conditions of a new car is very vital. One of the things that you should do to keep your vehicle looking good and well  maintained is to clean it exterior and interior regularly. However, cleaning the exterior is not a big deal as to compare to its interior. You need to ensure that you are using the best items and tools to get all the trash and debris on the dashboard and the floor off the car. You should as well ensure that the windows and other parts of the vehicle are cleaned the right way.

In this brief, we are going to address some of the places of the car interior that you should emphasis more on cleaning and at the same time give you valuable tips to clean it right. Although it can be very difficult to make the whole thing work for you, with some simple basics and supplies, it can be very simple.

Get the right cleaning materials

Before you spare that valuable time to clean the interior, you should ensure that you have the right cleaning tools and materials. It should all start with a vacuum cleaner and a hodgepodge of cleaning products that you can get easily. If you are having a hard time getting these materials, you can find more information on the best car interior cleaner on Liamscar.

Here are some of the products and tools that you need along the way.

  • Vacuum Cleaner-this is the first tool that you should have. You should start by getting a vacuum cleaner with an extension hose and hand-held attachments. The attachments are very useful in cleaning the tight hard to reach places and carpets.
  • Chemical cleaning products-After getting the main tool here, the next step is to get some useful cleaning products. You should get all the right products to clean surfaces before you jump into the real deal.
  • Polishing and wiping materials-Lets say that you are done with all this and now you are looking for the best materials to polish or even wipe. You should know what to get in this case. You can get anything from Terry cloth towels or fine cloth rags for the purpose.
  • Brushes and applicators-Now you should also ensure that you have different sized brushes and applicators for the whole purpose. You may also need a brush, a sponge or rag depending on the cleaner you are using.

De-cluttering the vehicle

After you have all the necessary products and tools, now its time to prepare your vehicle for the real task. Start by removing extraneous items including your staffs and the things you value. You can get all the bags and documents from the vehicle. After that, take out all the recyclables including water bottles, cardboard items and papers. You should as well remove all the trash and any other items in the vehicle.

Clean the central console

Now its time to start the real task. You should start by wiping down the central console. You can moisten a rag and work from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest. Clean the steering and the dashboard areas. It is also a wise idea to clean the door pockets and the gearstick. If you don’t have a rag, then you can use car cleaning wipes to perform the task.

Clean the bottom of the dashboard

Now its time to move to the bottom of the dashboard. You can at any time use a toothbrush or any other fine brush to clean this area in circular motions. This ensures that all the dust is removed. You can as well use a damp rag to clean the buttons on the dashboard. There are some of the people who use a flathead screw driver and wrap a rag at the tip to clean some hard to reach points.

Wash the windows

Most of the time you notice lines of grime when windows are rolled down partially. You don’t have to overlook this detail and leave it subserviced. The wisest decision here is to ensure that all the windows are clean and clear. Just get a clean rag and windex to do that task. Ensure that all the windows and screens including the windscreen and rear screen. You need to use clean rags to ensure you don’t leave any line of dirt.

Go to the leather

Its now time to get to the bottom side of the vehicle. Start with the leathers. I bet you are already wondering why this is extreme but you need to do that too every time. I will now assume that you already bought a leather-cleaning kit and after that you are supposed to use it in this case. You should clean  the leather more often to make sure that no stains and makeup.

Go to the Hood hinges

You also have to clean hood hinges and at the same time lubricate them. Get a clean and dry rag to first of all wipe the hinge area and later wet the rag to make sure all the dirt and debris is removed. After that, you can clean it and eventually apply some white lithium grease. When you are applying, you need to move the hinges several times to be sure everything is okay.

Clean the bottom side

You are supposed to close the whole process by cleaning the bottom especially the leg room. This is where a lot of dirt is and hence you are likely to spend more time doing this. Get a dry rag to first of all remove all the dirt and debris before cleaning the area with a wet rag.

Finish up

You now need to air out your car seats especially if you used a lot of cleaning products when you were cleaning. You can as well open all the doors to make sure that enough air got in. You can as well get a air freshener to make sure that everything smells good.

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