Tips on Selling Your House All By Yourself

When it comes to selling the house, everyone thinks about how to minimize its cost. One way to reduce this cost is to sell your house. If you sell your house yourself, you will save the 6% commission rate paid to the real estate broker. If you sell a house for 500, 000$, commission would be 30,000$. You might be thinking whether it is possible to sell a home without a realtor then let me assure you that this is possible. But you have to take time to understand how selling works. This article would explain how to sell a home without a realtor. The things need to sell a home without realtor includes these steps: 

1. Make your home ready 

The first step to sell your home without a realtor is to prepare your home before listing your home. You must start to clean the mess and chaos in your home. Make it clean and sophisticated. The purpose is to create an environment in which the potential buyer can imagine himself or his family. You must remove the signs that showed a lived-in house feel. Take your family photographs and put them in the closet or in your garage. Remove the extra furniture that is taking up too much space in your home. You can use an online website to sell off extra furniture like eBay, Amazon or the classic garage sale. After cleaning it properly, you can allow your friends or any other persons walk into the home and identify problems.  

2. Set the price of your home by researching the market 

Now the second step is to research the marketplace to set the selling price of your home. You can use internet space for fixing the price. You can also see the nearby properties recently sold in your neighborhood to have an estimate of the property value of your home. You can also see homes with similar stories, interior and rooms and how much they were sold. Set the price realistically.  

3. Contact FSBO company 

You can list our home on companies that help owners for selling their homes. Their price varies from company to company so you need to select carefully.  

4. Marketing 

Now the fourth step to selling your home without a realtor is to market your home. FSBO Company that you choose must be able to list you on main real estate portals. Moreover, they would charge you some for printing and distributing brochures, etc. for selling your home.  

5. Open house 

You must mark your house open for visitors by putting a sign on the actual property and showing same on the listing portals as well. Keep home clean and arrange some refreshment for visitors. You should also give them a copy of an ad or brochure.  

6. Advertise properly 

You must add the major points of your home in ad or brochure to let the buyers make a prudent decision. Add numbers of rooms, price, a number of bathrooms, location, size, etc.  

7.  Show buyers your house 

Show the buyers your house and sincerely answer their queries. Once the negotiations are settled, you can sign the agreement by having a solicitor for each party on the spot.

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