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Instagram Analytics is helpful enough to keep an eye on the performance of the platform and the way it is working as a part of your marketing strategy on the whole. Instagram Analytics assists you to improve your business with a highly popular social media platform.  

In this brief blog post, I’ll try to highlight the importance of Instagram Analytics and all the available analytic options. I’ll also explain which data is significant for your business targets.

Importance of Instagram Analytics:

More than 25 million Instagram Business Profiles and One Billion Instagram Profiles indicate the importance of this social platform for business advertising. You should be aware of who views your advertisements and posts, what is the performance of your marketing posts, and value of your account for business purposes. If you don’t have attentiveness to these things, you are wasting your time on Instagram.

Evaluate your Instagram Analytics and take care of the following things:

  • Target the right audience
  • Post your advertisement frequently.
  • Try to drive relevant visitors to your website.
  • Don’t ignore mentions that can escort to the future business affiliations.
  • Post during optimal hours of the day or days of the week
  • Never miss opportunities for brand engagement in your comments.

Target Audience Analytics on Instagram:

Do you know your target audience on Instagram? Surely, you have the right demographic of followers you are trailing. But the question arises whether your followers are comprising people who are interacting with your Instagram posts and stories. A whole section of Instagram Analytics is devoted to guiding you about your audience.

The following factors are handy in this regard:

Top Locations informs you about the top five cities and countries where your followers reside.

Gender tells you the statistics of your followers that how many of them are men and women.

Age Range is for identifying how old your followers are? Instagram has classified it in the ranges like 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and above 65.

Followers Hours helps you to know timings when your followers come online.

Follower Days assists in getting information about the days of the week when your followers mostly come online.

Individual Post Analytics on Instagram:

After getting your profile established, you need to be attentive to the actions from the right audience. Now, you should try to focus on Individual Post Analytics on how the audience is responding to your posts. In the following lines, I present statistics about individual posts:

Discovery is such a sort of feature which permits you to access the most recent content from accounts you are not following and gives your business account access on this page. Instagram also informs you about a number of those accounts who are not following you but get access to your account through Discovery.

All actions, on behalf of your post like a hyperlink, use of email or call button, etc. are recorded by Interactions feature.

Follows feature gives you information about new followers on your post.

Through the feature Reach, you can know about the accurate number of reaches of your post to unique accounts.

Through a feature of Saves, you can know about the number of unique accounts that save your post.

Comments denote the number of comments, while impressions tell the number of views on your post.

To conclude, Instagram Analytics helps you to monitor your business account, determine your target audience, and to convey your stories and posts to them. Instagram Analytics can give far-reaching business benefits if you use it with a proper strategy.

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