Debunk the Myths about Graphic Designers before Following them on Instagram

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Today graphic design permeates all aspects of our lives. You simply cannot escape graphic design. In practically every modern landscape you would find yourself surrounded by logos, typography, messages, and colors that are the contributions of some talented and creative graphic designers. Graphic designers are continuously saturated with design assignments and projects for others right from online web designing to billboards and wrappers. The point to be noted here is that graphic designers are completely dedicated to their profession and they are known to eat, drink, and breathe everything related to design.

It is no longer a secret that social media and the Internet, in general, are all about eye-catching content that instantly grabs your attention. Instagram is surely the most popular platform that relies predominantly on mind-blowing visuals. Most businesses depend on qualified professional graphic designers to do the design work for them. Instagram is a robust marketing platform so it is also the stepping stone for promising freelance graphic designers trying to find a strong foothold in the industry. There are several experienced designers and graphic design houses on Instagram who have already found a solid niche for themselves and become Instagram design inspiration for countless other creative people, fans, and followers.

According to, “It’s hardly a surprise that designers love Instagram—the platform is a visual smorgasbord, an opportunity for constant inspiration.

However, before Instagrammers start following graphic designers, it is best to know about the common myths associated with this profession. Here are some of the most common graphic design myths that need to be debunked.

Myth: Graphic Design Involves Boosting Aesthetic Appeal Only

If you are a layman, you often assume just like many others that a graphic designer’s job is simply about adding a few cool graphics and some colors to make everything look rosy and beautiful. However, graphic design is not simply enhancing or infusing aesthetic appeal. A lot of thinking, effort, and expertise go into designing. Graphic designers use their formal and specialized education, strategic reasoning, and a tremendous amount of research to come up with a mind-blowing design that would stand out from the rest in your Instagram feed, or on their official website. A graphic designer would do a lot of research regarding their client, their precise target audience, and their aspirations and goals. He would be analyzing various factors regarding the target demographic. Only after proper research and analysis, a qualified graphic designer would be switching to the visual stage comprising preliminary designs and mood boards.

Myth: No Need to Invest At All on Graphic Design

The idea that graphic designing is not worth investing your money is a total misconception and needs to be debunked. Graphic design is predominantly a visual method of communication that should be connecting you to your target audience and it would be reflecting how your brand is actually perceived by the people in general.  If you want your business to prosper on Instagram and your official website to attract more and more visitors, it is crucial to invest a fair amount in hiring the professional services of a qualified graphic designer. You may even seek the services of a professional digital marketing company such as for boosting your business.

Myth: Macs Are Just the Right Computers Meant For Graphic Designers

There is no reason to believe that no other computer would be good enough for graphic designers to work on projects apart from Macs. In this rapidly advancing digital era, there are numerous apps and tools that are compatible and only thing that could stop a graphic designer from using a particular computer is his or her preference for another. Graphic designers can work on any system of their choice. They are trained in adjusting to different approaches and diverse projects.

Myth: You Could Be Regarded as Good as a Graphic Designer if You Are Having Adobe Suite

Of course not! Photoshop doesn’t equip you to become a qualified graphic designer. There are supposed to be numerous Adobe tools present in Creative Cloud. We know that these tools have their own efficacy and purpose. However, presently we do not have access to any Adobe tool that can completely act as a substitute for a qualified graphic designer. Graphic designers fulfill so many complicated and incredibly difficult responsibilities like keeping track of design principles, graphic design trends, typographic principles, kerning, font families etc.  Professional graphic designers are supposed to do a lot more than simply making things look beautiful.

Myth: Graphic Designers Know Everything

Graphic designers cannot dream what is going on in the client’s mind. They cannot guess what the client actually has on his mind. If the clients do not provide clear instructions and do not tell the designer what exactly they are looking for, it is just not possible for graphic designers to simply assume what the client is looking for. Graphic designers know their business pretty well and would deliver the required results provided they are told precisely what the client is looking for. The client must never assume that the designer knows what all requires to be done. The designers need to be categorically told what the client is actually looking for.

Myth: Graphic Designers are Born Creative

Creativity is romanticized to the point that most people believe that artists and creative professionals are born that way, with a talent that is just waiting for them to find a canvas. This couldn’t be further from the truth; everyone starts from scratch and then develops a distinctive creative voice given the right environment and the right influences over time. The design is a developed aesthetic sense combined with years of rigorous work.

Myth: Fixing Is No Big Deal

There is no doubt that computers have taken design into a new era of convenience and precision but to expect designers to make changes on the fly with no prior notice is pushing the limits. A lot of people think they can just request a complete overhaul and that it will take no time at all for the designer, but this could not be further from the truth. No good design comes from rushed work; it involved research, planning, and careful execution.


We find that there are many myths about graphic design and so before following inspirational design accounts on Instagram, you must identify them and understand the true implications of graphic designing and what it takes to be a successful graphic designer. The greatest truth about graphic designing is that it is not an easy task and requires a lot of expertise, training, experience, and talent of course.

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