Twitter Periscope App: 5 Ways Periscope Supports Your Marketing Strategy

Twitter Periscope app

Periscope used to be a separate app from Twitter, but now, you can directly see live broadcast from your timeline with Twitter Periscope App. The company has just made Periscope to be compatible with iOS and Android, so you can see live broadcast (video and audio) right from timeline. This means you do not have to open separate Periscope app to see live broadcast. Once you tap the broadcast link, you will get full screen view and be able to see all the comments and likes, right from the timeline.

Now that you get the convenience, you can use Twitter Periscope App to make your marketing strategy more engaging and interesting.

Twitter Periscope App to Create Marketing Engagement

Periscope gives instant update through live broadcast, giving your audience video and audio from wherever you send it, real time. This will instantly be accessed by viewers around the world, as long as they are connected to internet and Twitter. Now that you can directly access it through Twitter timeline, you can do various things with the app for better marketing strategy.

Here are 5 ways you can use Twitter Periscope App to increase engagement level and boost marketing strategy through social media:

  • Delivering personal message through Periscope. If you have strong base of followers, you can make them feel engaged by broadcasting personal message through Periscope. Personal message will make your followers feel “special” and will make them more interested in following what you have to say.
  • Giving special promotion or announcement through Twitter. Customers who follow your business in Twitter love feeling special, especially when it comes to special offers or announcement that you will not give outside Twitter, such as discount for those who Retweet certain posts or use Twitter hashtag.
  • Giving live-streaming video and audio for specific marketing strategy. If you have specific promotion that can make use of live event broadcast, Twitter Periscope will do it quickly and more effectively.
  • Giving special product announcement. If you have new product or service that you want to promote to wide audience, you can use Twitter Periscope to deliver special sneak peeks, which will make your followers to follow every progress and even spread the post through retweeting, out of excitement.
  • Sharing related industry or marketing trends. Even if you do not have something special to share with your followers, sharing interesting or related news in your industry can be a tool for engagement. Followers will keep updated with the newest trend in the related market or industry, and they will be more receptive toward tour brand, products and services.

Once you get hold of the Periscope features, you will find tons of methods to support your marketing strategy using Twitter.

Twitter Periscope App as Testimonial Tool

If you want to build loyalty, you can use Twitter Periscope as a tool to spread live testimonial. Live testimonial will convince your customers and followers about the quality of your product, because your testimonials are recorded live, therefore convincing. While creating the best product or services is important for every business, the right marketing strategy is also necessary, with Twitter Periscope App as one of the most popular tools nowadays.

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