PMP Certification cost and everything you need to know

The need for certified professionals to take the project management role has been increasing with the passage of time. Organizations want their projects to be handled by certified experts because poor management can cost a lot in terms of time and money.

Having PMP certification increases your chances of getting a management level job. Moreover, if you are an experienced project manager, you can increase your earning potential by getting PMP certification.

But first, we need to learn what PMP is.

What is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professionals. This credential is administered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). This course helps the candidate polish his project management skills. Once you have acquired this certification, you will be desired by big companies for your skill-set and higher successful project completion rate.

How much does a PMP certification cost?

For PMI members the cost of PMP certification is $405 whereas, for Non-PMI members this cost is $550. PMI membership costs you $139. When it comes to formal training, there are three types. Classroom-based in-person training costs you $400 to $1000. Classroom-based virtual training cost ranges from $200 to $500 whereas; Self-paced online training costs you around $70 to $400. The cost of books and other study material can range from $30 to $100. Mock exams cost around $20 to $150. In order to get PMP certified a person needs to spend approximately 800-1000$.

Getting PMP Certification:

There are a few requirements that the candidate needs to meet before appearing for the PMP certification exam. These requirements are:

•         A graduation degree

•         4500 hours of project management experience

•         A secondary degree / 7500 hours of project management experience

•         35 hours of project management education from a recognized institute

Steps to follow:

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, there are a few more steps you need to take in order to become a Project Management Professional.

Prepare for the PMP exam:

In order to prepare for the PMP exam, you need to know everything about it. In this exam, you need to answer 200 multiple choice questions. These questions address different areas of project management. This exam is designed to test your project management skills and the standard through which you decide to handle a situation.

In order to ace the PMP exam, you need to

•         Read the latest PMP content outline

•         Get the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide

•         Solve sample PMP question available online

•         Acquire project management experience by working as an intern with well-reputed organizations.

•         Read PMP Handbook

Enroll for PMP Certification Training:

No matter how much experience you have, it’s important for you to train for PMP certification in order to pass the PMP exam. Whether you are new to the field of project management or have years of experience, it’s important for you to train yourself in order to get a formal education. This training is also required for 35 contact hours that you need to appear in the PMP exam.

Moreover, PMP training helps you learn the standard project management practices you can use in your practical life.

Study PMBOK Guides & Standards:

In order to ace the PMP exam, you need to study PMBOK Guides & Standards. However, this book is only available to PMI members. In order to access the study material, you need to register for PMI membership. This membership offers various benefits to the members. You get PMP exam fee reduction. You get a discount on re-certification cost. Moreover, you get to attend seminars and social events where you get to meet professionals from your field.

PMBOK guides help you understand the answers that PMI expects you to give. Purchase the latest edition of the book to practice for your upcoming PMP exam.

Take PMP Mock Tests:

Now that you have learned and practiced all you need to pass the PMP exam, it’s time for you to check your progress. The best way to do so is to take a mock test. These mock tests or PMP exam stimulators are can be accessed through various vendors in the market.

If you have been enrolled in an institution to complete your 35 contact hours, then it will get easier for you to check your progress. A well-reputed institute prepares its student for the PMP exam by offering mock tests. These tests help you work on the areas you are weak at.

Passing the exam:

Once you have learned and practiced the preparation material, you are ready to appear in the PMP exam. When you clear this exam, you need to maintain your certification by continuously meeting PMI’s certification requirements.

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